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QuickBooks Online Backup: Reliable Ways To Secure Data

QuickBooks is an accounting software package launched and marketed by Intuit which usually specialized for small and medium-sized businesses. QuickBooks has facilities to back up company file and data. Do you know what is backup? A backup is a data that require to re-create your company file and QuickBooks environment in which you were working on.

It basically saves the users in the case of accidental data loss. Therefore, if you are using QuickBooks, then it is highly recommended you to create a backup of your company file on regular basis for keeping your safe side. During backup creation, you may encounter some sorts of errors. Sometimes application shuts down without displaying any error or giving any notification. You may received error messages "QuickBooks Unable To Backup Company File" and "Backup failed."

QuickBooks online backup

Various Reasons For Getting Trouble in Data Backup Creation

Due to some technical glitches, your significant tasks may get obstructed. Here are multiple reasons due to which QuickBooks users get in difficulty while creating backup of data and company file:

  • It may be that data backup command have been crashed
  • Unable to create the portable file
  • Backup process of the verification stage get failed
  • Data might have got corrupted
  • It may be .ND file is damaged or incorrect

Why These Difficulties Been Facing?

Some reasons are mentioned below due to which you encounter some problematic hurdle during backup process:

  • Due to the company file name exceeds 65 characters
  • The file name requires a.ADR extension
  • The company file is larger than 3 GB
  • The path of company files is too long
  • You are trying to save a backup to an external drive or flash drive

Therefore, always keep the above-noted points in your mind and never repeat the same fault when you are backing up your data on QuickBooks. Doing so will surely be able to back up all your data as well as company file online in an efficient manner without facing any hurdle.

How To Back Up QuickBooks Online Data And Company File?

To protect your data from being lost, you should backup your QuickBooks file online time to time. Here are the complete procedure of backing up your QuickBooks data and file. Just follow the given steps one-by-one carefully and try to secure your data:

  • First of all switch to single user mode by visiting File > Switch to Single-user Mode option
  • From the QuickBooks File menu, select "Backup Company" > "Create Local Backup"
  • On the Create Backup window, select Local Backup and then tap on the "Options" button
  • On the Backup Options window, click Browse and select the location for the backup copy
  • When you have chosen your preferable location, click "OK"
  • Look after the other options on this page and select any that you like. Each option is explained in detail below. Click "OK" when you're done
  • Check the Add the date and time of the backup to the file name to make it easier for differentiating between backup files
    • Check the box Limit the number of backup copies to this folder and enter a number if you want to restrict the number of backups created for a single company. This will be helpful in saving the space of hard drive
  • Give a check mark on the box "Remind me to backup when I close my company file every _ times" and schedule the time in according to receive a regular backup reminder
  • Select one option from Complete verification, Quicker verification and No verification to verify the data when you save. Skipping the verification makes the backup process faster, but we recommend you to make it enable as only then you will be notified if any damage is detected in your file
  • In the Create Backup window, click "Next" button
  • Choose the appropriate location where you would like to save your backup now. You may also even choose schedule future backups or both as well
    • If you choose Save it now, you'll be prompted to choose a location to save your backup file. It will automatically be saved in the location where you specified in the backup options as earlier. Select "Save" to create the backup file
    • If you choose both "Save it now" and "schedule future backup" or only "schedule future backups", to save backups when you close your file, you should give a tick or a check mark on the box "Save backup copy automatically when I close my company file"
    • To save backups on a set schedule, click the "New" button to set up a backup schedule. You may provide your schedule a description, specify a backup location, and set the options for what days and times the backup should be performed on. Click "OK" once you get satisfaction
  • Click "Finish" when you're completely done with the Online Backup process

Backup Your Company File into an External Drive

There is one more option by which you can protect your company file from being accidently lose. You may also back up your data into an external drive or flash drive. The mentioned below steps are given to do it, so perform the same on your own:

  • Visit "File" menu, and select "Save Copy or Backup"
  • Select the Backup copy, and click "Next"
  • Select Local Backup, and click "Next"
  • When asked that where do you want to save your backup copy, select "Save it now" and click "Next"
  • Browse to a location on your local drive usually, this is the C:\ Drive, and click the "Save" button
  • Minimize QuickBooks Desktop
  • Locate the backup file on the local drive
  • Right-click on the file, and choose "Copy"
  • Open a "Windows Explorer" window
  • Double-click on the drive letter that correlate with your external drive or flash drive to open it
  • Right-click on the file, and choose Paste

Avail Quickbooks Backup Support For Technical Guidelines

You can read these instructions to create Backup Quickbooks Online of your data. Alternatively, choose QuickBooks Enterprise Support for grabbing reliable guidelines of back up process if the above information is not beneficial for you. Experienced and knowledgeable professionals, who with their combined skills will assist you.

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