Easily Convert QuickBooks Mac to Windows with These Steps

QuickBooks is a top-rated accounting tool that many businesses use. This program not just has features for basic accounting but offers much more. But at various points, users may feel the need to convert QuickBooks Mac to Windows. This process is called round-tripping. It enables the user to send a QuickBooks Mac file to an accountant using QuickBooks Desktop for Windows. The process assumes more importance because there’s no Accountant’s Copy tool in QuickBooks for Mac.

You can turn your QB Desktop file from Mac to Windows by updating QuickBooks, preparing the file, and using the backup to QuickBooks for Windows option. This will convert the file for QuickBooks Windows. Find out detailed guidelines on how to perform this process below.


Points to Note Before You Convert QuickBooks Mac to Windows

It’s best to know about certain things before progressing to the conversion.

  • QuickBooks Enterprise solution cannot make a QB Desktop for Mac backup. It is because all features of QuickBooks for Mac cannot be properly employed in QuickBooks Enterprise for Windows Desktop.
  • If the bookkeeper has the file, you don’t need to enter it into the Macintosh file.
  • If the data has been transferred to a Macintosh file, the bookkeeper will need to remerge the data when they get the file back.
  • You will need an administrator password to perform the conversion.
  • QuickBooks for Mac does not have inside finance. So, it is better not to deal with finance in QB for Windows files.
  • In case you convert the file back to QuickBooks for Mac, you’ll lose finance settings, membership data, and financial data.
  • Do not install any QuickBooks updates till you get the file back.
  • Do not enter anything new till your bookkeeper has the file. It will prevent you from losing any records till you get the file back.


The Process to Convert QuickBooks Mac to Windows

Converting the Mac company file to QuickBooks begins by performing QuickBooks for Mac upgrade to the latest release. Only after that can you get the company file ready and converted.


Update QuickBooks for Mac 

You can update QuickBooks for Mac directly from the application or perform a manual update. This is done by going to the QuickBooks Downloads & Updates page.

  • Update QuickBooks for Mac directly from the application
  1. Head to the QuickBooks dropdown.
  2. Choose ‘Check for QuickBooks Updates.’
  3. Choose ‘Install Update’ for the latest version.
  4. Select ‘Install and Relaunch.’
  5. After the update ends, QuickBooks for Mac will open.
  • Update QuickBooks for Mac manually.
  1. Firstly, uninstall QuickBooks for Mac from your system.
  2. Visit the QuickBooks Downloads and Updates page.
  3. Choose your country’s product and version.
  4. Choose ‘Search’ followed by ‘Download.’
  5. Double-tap the .dmg file.
  6. Drag the QuickBooks symbol to the application folder.
  7. It will install.


Prepare your company file.

This is the second part of the process to convert QB Mac to Windows. First, look for memos with special characters and remove them.

  • In the ‘Reports’ menu, choose the ‘Custom Transaction Detail Report’ option.
  • From the ‘Dates’ dropdown menu, choose ‘All Dates.’
  • Double-tap the transaction with a memo to access it.
  • Remove the special characters from the memo field.
  • Now tap ‘Save.’
  • Exit the transaction.
  • Repeat the steps above for every other transaction with special characters.
  • After that, re-sort your lists in QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Go to the ‘Banking’ menu and choose ‘Write Checks.’
  • Choose the ‘Pay to the order of’ field.
  • Now hit Ctrl and L keys on your keyboard.
  • Check the ‘Include inactive’ box.
  • If you see it grayed out, there aren’t any inactive names.
  • In the ‘Name’ dropdown, choose ‘Re-sort List.’
  • Choose ‘OK.’
  • After that, exit your company file and open it again.
  • Finally, run verify.
  • Now rebuild your company file.
  • Head to the ‘File’ menu.
  • Choose ‘Utilities.’
  • Finally, choose the ‘Verify Data’ option.


Do company file conversion.

After preparing the company file, convert it. Here you need to back up QuickBooks for Mac to Windows.

  • Access the company file as an admin.
  • Move to the ‘File’ menu.
  • Choose ‘Export.’
  • Now choose ‘To QuickBooks for Windows.’
  • If a verification prompt appears, choose ‘Verify.’
  • Give the file a name. Now select a folder to save it.
  • After that, choose ‘Save.’
  • Do not add any special characters while writing the file name.
  • Input your password and confirm it.
  • Now hit ‘OK.’
  • On the confirmation window, tap ‘OK’ again.
  • Now transfer the file to your Windows system.
  • You can do it with cloud storage, email, or a USB flash drive.
  • Finally, perform the process to restore the file in QB for Windows.


Restore the file 

Learn how to restore a QuickBooks DMG file with these points. This is the last step of the QuickBooks Mac conversion to Windows.

  • Open QuickBooks.
  • Pick the ‘File’ menu followed by ‘Open or Restore Company…
  • Now, select ‘Preferences.’
  • Choose ‘Backup.’
  • Choose ‘Reveal Backup Folder.’
  • Double-tap the folder where the backup files are present.
  • Double-tap the backup file.
  • Drag the copy of the company file to the folder where you wish to store your QuickBooks company.
  • Open QuickBooks for Mac.
  • Select ‘Browse.’
  • Navigate to the folder where the company file copy is present.
  • Open it and select ‘Continue’ in the prompt that appears.
  • Choose a name for this file.
  • Now, click ‘Save’ and select ‘OK.’


How to Import a Big QuickBooks File from Mac to Windows?

Some big files cannot be converted to Windows. Instead, you must import them from Mac to QuickBooks Desktop for Windows. This is also essential because MacOS Catalina has more vulnerabilities than previous versions. So, Intuit has resolved the problem for QuickBooks Desktop for Mac 2019, 2020, and Catalina users.

Use this process to import QuickBooks files from Mac to QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Exit QuickBooks Desktop on the Windows system.
  • Go to the ‘File’ menu.
  • Here, choose ‘Open or Restore Company…
  • Import the file in QB design from where you saved on the Mac machine.
  • Lastly, open the file and input the credentials to start working.


Use QuickBooks File Doctor to Resolve QuickBooks Error Codes (-1,0) During Conversion

Many people complain that they get error codes -1,0 while attempting to restore the backup file. You can use the QuickBooks File Doctor to fix these issues.

  • Download QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  • Install and agree to its terms.
  • Tap ‘Finish’ and double-tap its icon on your Windows Desktop.
  • Select the ‘Program Problems’ tab.
  • Choose ‘Quick Fix My Program.’
  • Install QuickBooks again.
  • Now, choose the ‘Company File Issues’ tab.
  • Choose ‘Run QuickBooks File Doctor.’
  • Select your company file or browse for it.
  • Now, choose ‘Check Your File’ followed by ‘Continue.’
  • Enter the admin password and choose ‘Next.’


Frequently Asked Questions


1.   Can I convert the QuickBooks Mac Desktop file to QuickBooks Online?

Yes. You can perform the conversion. QuickBooks Mac 2016 users can follow this process to convert QuickBooks file from Mac to Windows.

  • Choose QuickBooks on the taskbar in the program.
  • Select ‘Check for QuickBooks updates.’
  • Update your program to the latest version.
  • After that, restart the QuickBooks Mac desktop.
  • Head to ‘File’ and choose ‘Export.’
  • Now select ‘To QuickBooks Online.’
  • QuickBooks will start copying and importing your data.
  • When the process finishes, you will get an email.
  • Now from this email, sign in to access your data.


2.   How do I resolve the conversion error while converting QuickBooks file from Mac to Windows?

It is likely that you will face a conversion error after opening the file in the Windows system. Use these steps to troubleshoot it.

  • Open the company file in your QuickBooks for Mac.
  • Now, adhere to the process to re-sort the lists.
  • After that, rebuild the data.
  • Lastly, convert the file again.


Summing up

Accountants commonly convert QuickBooks Mac to Windows to access the financial records on these programs. QuickBooks has made it clear that QB for Mac 2015 and 2016 need to upgrade to a later version to switch to QuickBooks Online. This article has explained everything you need to know to perform this conversion successfully. However, if you are stuck anywhere or need more assistance, connect with a QuickBooks technical support expert.