Everything About QuickBooks Time Software – Benefits, Features & Setup

QuickBooks Time Tracking

Time is invaluable, and managing it effectively is crucial for any business. Many companies regard tracking employee hours as an essential aspect of time management and accurate payroll. QuickBooks Time Tracking is a powerful solution that simplifies employee time tracking, streamlines payroll processes, and enhances efficiency.

In this blog, we will discuss the advantages of QuickBooks Time Tracking and how it can help your business save time and money. From straightforward setup to real-time data access, we will cover all the features that make this software an indispensable resource for any business aiming to excel in time tracking.


Advantages of QuickBooks Time Tracking

The QuickBooks Time Tracking software provides many benefits, which are the following:

1. Precise Time Tracking

A primary advantage of Time Tracking with QuickBooks is its precision. This software eliminates manual time tracking, which can be error-prone and time-consuming. Instead, employees can track their hours in real-time using a computer, mobile device, or even a smartwatch.

This accuracy ensures employees compensate for the exact time worked without discrepancies. It also helps prevent time theft or buddy punching, which can cost businesses substantial money.


2. Efficient Payroll Process

Additionally, it also simplifies payroll processing. The software automatically computes employee hours, factoring overtime, vacation time, and other variables. This eliminates manual calculations, which can be time-consuming and prone to errors.

Once employee hours are computed, they are transferred to QuickBooks Payroll for processing. Additionally, this time-saving feature ensures accurate payroll, reducing the likelihood of errors or disputes.


3. Simple Setup

QuickBooks Time Tracker offers an easy setup process. Moreover, the software is customized to suit your business’s specific needs, including setting different employee pay rates and tracking time for specific jobs or projects.

Employees can quickly be added to the system, and the software can be accessed from any location with an internet connection. This accessibility makes it convenient for employees to track their time, even remotely or from different locations.


4. Real-Time Data Access

In the last, it provides real-time access to employee time data. This feature lets managers see how much time employees spend on various tasks or projects and their total hours worked.

Furthermore, this level of data access empowers managers to make informed decisions about resource allocation, project management, and employee scheduling. It also offers valuable insights into employee productivity and can help identify areas for improvement.


5. Features of QuickBooks Time Tracking

Now that we have outlined the advantages of QuickBooks Time Tracking let’s explore some of the features that make this software so effective. Following are:


6. Mobile Time Tracking

It offers a mobile app that enables employees to track their time from anywhere using their smartphone or tablet. This is especially useful for employees who work remotely or frequently travel.

In addition, the mobile app allows employees to clock in and out, track their hours, and submit time-off requests. Managers can also use the app to approve time off requests, view employee time data, and make necessary schedule changes.


7. GPS Tracking

For businesses with field-based employees, QB Time Tracking offers GPS tracking. This feature allows managers to see employees’ exact locations, which can help manage job sites and ensure efficient work.

Moreover, GPS tracking can also verify employee hours, ensuring they are only paid for time worked on-site. This feature helps prevent time theft and reduce labor costs.


8. Job and Project Tracking

It allows businesses to track employee time on specific jobs or projects. This feature benefits business that bills clients based on time spent on a project or wants to understand how much time and resources are dedicated to different tasks.

With job and project tracking, employees can easily allocate their time to specific projects, and managers can see how much time is spent on each project in real time. Moreover, this feature helps businesses make informed decisions about resource allocation, project management, and employee scheduling.


9. Customizable Reporting

Time Tracking QuickBooks provides customizable reporting, enabling businesses to generate reports based on their specific requirements. Additionally, this includes reports on employee hours, overtime, and vacation time.

Reports can be generated daily, weekly, or monthly and exported in various formats, including PDF and Excel. Moreover, this feature allows businesses to easily share time data with their accounting or HR departments, saving time and reducing errors.


10. Integration with Other QuickBooks Products

It seamlessly integrates with other QuickBooks products, including QuickBooks Payroll and QuickBooks Online. This integration allows businesses to streamline their payroll process, from time tracking to paycheck distribution.

Integrations also ensure that data is automatically transferred between systems, reducing the likelihood of errors and making the entire payroll process more efficient.


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How to use QuickBooks Time Tracking?

To use QuickBooks Time Tracking, you must set up an account and invite your employees to join. Once your employees have joined, they can use the Time Tracking app to clock in and out, track breaks, and enter job codes. As a manager, you can review and approve time cards, set up job codes, and view reports on employee time. The software integrates with QuickBooks Online, making it easy to sync employee time with your payroll system.

Step 1: Set up an Account

To start with QuickBooks Time Tracking, first set up an account by visiting the QB Time Tracking website and signing up for a free trial. Once you have created an account, you can invite your employees to join.

Step 2: Invite Employees

Now, to invite employees to join QB Time Tracking, enter their email addresses into the software. Your employees will then receive an invitation to join the software and can download the Time Tracking QuickBooks app to their mobile devices.

Step 3: Set up Job Codes

To track employee time on specific projects or jobs, set up job codes by entering the job code information into the Time Tracking program. When employees clock in and out, they can select the appropriate job code, allowing them to track time on specific projects.

Step 4: Review and Approve Time Cards

Once your employees have started using QuickBooks Time Tracking to track their time, you can review and approve their time cards. You can do this through the QB Time Tracking app or the QuickBooks Online software.

When reviewing time cards, you can see the hours worked, job codes, and any notes or comments from your employees. You can then approve the time card or make any necessary changes.

Step 5: Sync with QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Time Tracking integrates with QuickBooks Online, allowing you to sync employee time with your payroll system. This integration makes it easy to ensure that your employees are paid accurately and that your payroll records are up-to-date.


QuickBooks Time Tracking is a powerful software that can help businesses of all sizes manage their time and resources more effectively. Whether a small business owner or a large enterprise, Time Tracking is a valuable tool that can save you time and money while increasing efficiency and accuracy. However, if you know more about the tool in detail, then you can contact our ProAdvisors to get help. Thank You!


Q: Can I use QuickBooks Time Tracking for multiple locations or remote employees?

A: Yes, QuickBooks Time Tracking is to support businesses with multiple locations or remote employees. Employees can track their time using a computer, mobile device, or even a smartwatch, making managing hours across various work settings easy.

Q: Does QuickBooks Time Tracking offer customization options for my business needs?

A: Absolutely! QuickBooks Time Tracking allows you to customize settings according to your business requirements, including setting different pay rates for various employees and tracking time for specific jobs or projects.

Q: Can QuickBooks Time Tracking help manage employee scheduling and time-off requests?

A: Yes, QuickBooks Time Tracking enables employees to submit time-off requests directly within the app, and managers can approve or deny requests as needed. This feature streamlines scheduling and ensures accurate time tracking.

Q: How secure does QuickBooks Time Tracking collect the data, and how does it comply with data privacy regulations?

A: QuickBooks Time Tracking prioritizes data security and privacy. The software uses encryption and secure data storage to protect your information. Additionally, it complies with relevant data privacy regulations to properly handle sensitive employee data.

Q: Is a mobile app available for QuickBooks Time Tracking, and what features does it offer?

A: QuickBooks Time Tracking offers a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices. The app lets employees clock in and out, track hours, and submit time-off requests. Managers can use the app to approve time off, view employee time data, and adjust schedules.