Fix Error PS077 When QuickBooks Download Payroll Updates


QuickBooks program is an excellent accounting solution but apart from that, it is also true that it has certain errors that can happen due to several reasons. QuickBooks Error PS077 is one such error that can encounter in your payroll application. Download QuickBooks Payroll is a very vital part of QuickBooks software because it delivers so many features that can make business management so smooth and easy. Payroll accomplishes financial activities of your business such as invoices, employee paychecks, expenses, etc. QuickBooks Payroll manages all your team with effortlessness irrespective of numbers.

To deal with this disturbing error, you can go through the below-suggested steps. And if you don’t find these steps to be relaxing, you may contact QuickBooks Payroll Support. Experts will deal with your problem and provide you with the best remedy.

Reason For QuickBooks Error PS077

At the time of downloading your payroll updates, you may face certain errors. Of course, you need not worry about it, as we have the proper fixes for them all. One such error is PS077. When it occurs, a message bangs on the screen showing, ‘QuickBooks is having a problem installing payroll tax table update’. This error can also cause due to multiple reasons. See below causes:

  1. A tax table file in the Components/Payroll folder is destroyed or invalid.
  2. QuickBooks company file is destroyed.
  3. Your billing information is out-of-date or wrong.
  4. You may not have registered QuickBooks that is critical.

Fix Error PS077 When QuickBooks Download Payroll Updates

You can solve QuickBooks Error PS077 by carefully following the procedures provided below. You have to follow the sequence of the steps wise. The steps are given below:

  1. Check whether the subscription and the registration process have been completed successfully or not.
  2. Validate that you are using the current and upgraded version of QuickBooks. If it is not then upgrade it to the current version as soon as possible.
  3. Billing information of the application and payroll subscription is to the current release.
  4. The error is still there, then perform the preceding steps to fix it.
  5. If you are Windows 7, 8, or Vista user, then you can disable UAC (User Account Control) and upgrade the software and the subscription.
  6. Confirm that the license number of QuickBooks is correct by performing the following mentioned steps:
  7. Open the QuickBooks program and click on the F2 button.
  8. Jot down your license number.
  9. The details assembled ->Hit on ‘OK’ and close the product details screen.
  10. Confirm that you know which release of QuickBooks download you are using.
  11. QuickBooks version set up on the system for QuickBooks software then go for the clean install of QuickBooks software in the selected startup – selective startup form.
  12. You have installed dissimilar versions of QuickBooks on your system, then go for the below steps:
  13. Uninstall the former version of QuickBooks.
  14. Reset the current update of QuickBooks.
  15. Download the current tax tables update.
  16. Then have a look at the presented list on the software and then execute the process of rebuilding/verifying data.
  17. At last, uninstall QuickBooks and then carry out a clean installation of QuickBooks.

Get Technical Support For Error Code PS077

For further assistance or query, you can contact QuickBooks online customer service to get the best solution to your problem. To deal with the issue, experts are available there for you round the clock. They are engineers with full knowledge and skills to face any sort of technical issue. Just dial the number and get help from them.