What Is QuickBooks Paystub Password and How to Print It?

QuickBooks Paystub Password and How to Print It

QuickBooks is an efficient tool to handle the employee’s payroll. Many people use this accounting software regularly for their business. If you are also a regular user of QB, you’ll see the option to email paystubs to every employee in your company. You can do so from your QuickBooks Desktop. Since the paystubs are PDF files protected by password, when you send them to your employee, they’ll need a QuickBooks paystub password. It is how they will use it on their computer. In this article, you’ll learn in detail about QB paystub passwords and how to reset them.


What Is the QuickBooks Paystub Password?

Whenever you mail a paystub to any employee straight from the QB Desktop, they can access it through a unique password. It’s important to use only the first four characters of the last name of the employee. The end four digits of the SSN are then utilized for the characters after it in the password. They all must be in lower case.

Note: You cannot include any non-alpha characters in the paystub password. They have characters like a space or a dash.

How to Print a QuickBooks Paystub Password in QuickBooks Online?

PayStub in QuickBooks print

When you print paystub QuickBooks Online, the address, phone number, and the firm name come at the beginning and the bottom part of the page. You can use the QuickBooks paycheck stub tool to email pay stubs to your workers from the QB Desktop.

The paystubs serve as physical records of the paycheck date and amount. You can produce the paystubs with the relevant data you desire the employees to get by utilizing the payroll printing choices in QuickBooks. Below are the steps to follow if you want to know how to print a paystub in QuickBooks Online.


QuickBooks Online Payroll

If you want to print paystubs QuickBooks Online, you need to follow specific steps. They are as follows.

  • Configure the settings for paystub printing.
  • From the ‘Settings‘ menu, choose ‘Payroll Settings.’
  • Choose ‘Paycheck Printing‘ in the ‘Preferences‘ section.
  • Lastly, choose ‘Plain paper stubs‘ and press ‘OK.’


Print paystubs

  • Go to the ‘Workers‘ tab, and choose the ‘Employees‘ option.
  • In the ‘My Payroll‘ tab, select ‘Paycheck List.’
  • Lastly, choose the paychecks you wish to print, and hit the ‘Print‘ button.

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QuickBooks Paystubs password is important

How to Print a Paystub in QuickBooks Desktop

If you are a QB Desktop user, you might want to know how to make pay stubs on QuickBooks. There are three methods through which you can do it. Here are the stepwise instructions you must follow for it.


1. Print via the paycheck list

  • Tap the employee’s name to pay.
  • On the ‘Employee’s Profile‘, tap ‘Paycheck List.’
  • Following it, select ‘Checks to Pay.’
  • Confirm the check amount and then find the drop-down menu and choose ‘Batch Action.’
  • Lastly, choose ‘Print.’


2. Print paystubs and vouchers

Open QuickBooks and head over to the menu bar to print paystubs and vouchers. Now adhere to these instructions.

  • Choose ‘Edit‘ From the drop-down, opt for ‘Preferences.’
  • Next, select ‘Payroll & Employees.
  • Head over to ‘Company Preferences‘ below the ‘QuickBooks Payroll‘ area.
  • Choose ‘Full Payroll‘ and head over to the ‘Set Preferences for‘ area. Choose ‘Pay Stub & Voucher Printing.’
  • Below the section of ‘Paycheck Vouchers & Pay Stubs,’ check the boxes you want to include.
  • You can also allow the firm name to come on the paystub. For it, go to the ‘Legal
  • Company Name’ section. After selecting ‘All Items,’ tap ‘OK.’
  • Note that for every paycheck, a paystub with the selected data will get printed automatically.


3. Create checks via bill payment stubs

It is the third method to make pay stubs on QuickBooks. Head over to the ‘File’ menu and follow these steps.

  • On the File menu, choose ‘Print Form & Bill Payment Stubs.’
  • Now, go to the drop-down box of ‘Bill Payment.’
  • Choose ‘Credit Card‘ Alternatively, you can also check according to the payment method.
  • Go to the ‘Account‘ menu, and select the necessary ‘Bank/Credit Card account.’
  • To include payments for another data range, input the closing and opening dates on the section of ‘Dated & amp.’
  • Now, choose ‘Checks‘ for which you want to print bill payment stubs.
  • Next, tap ‘OK.’
  • Check the font or printer and in the ‘Print Window’ input the required number of copies.
    Lastly, tap ‘Print.’


QuickBooks Paystub Password TIP: Your ePaystub QuickBooks password is in the format YYYYMMDD, followed by the last three of your social security numbers. This password cannot be altered.


How to Reset QuickBooks Paystub Password?

You can reset the QB paystub password easily. In the following sections, you’ll find the way to reset the QB paystub password for an employee and how an employee can change their QB paystub password.

  • Reset QB paystub password for an employee

It’s very simple to reset the QuickBooks paystub password for a worker. Follow these steps for it.

  1. Choose the ‘Employee’ tab.
  2. Next, select the ‘Employee’s name.’
  3. After that, tap ‘Edit’ in the ‘Paycheck Record’ access.
  4. Lastly, click ‘Reset Password.’


  • Steps for an employee to change their QB paystub password

Employees can also easily reset their passwords. Follow the instructions below.

  1. Firstly, head over to https://www.paycheckrecords.bid/.
  2. Next, tap ‘Forgot Password.’ Then give answers to various security questions.
  3. After you provide the required answers, you will be given a temporary password. It is case-sensitive.
  4. To type an error-free password, just copy and paste it. There should be no space before or after it.
  5. Lastly, when the employee gets the password via email, they must enter the password and adhere to the login instructions.


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Final Words

Hopefully, you will now have no doubts about printing a QuickBooks Paystub password. You can also reset it or have your employees reset it. Follow the instructions carefully to print the pay stub password efficiently. If you face any problems following the instructions, contact QuickBooks technical support services. The experts will resolve all your queries.