How to Fix QuickBooks Error 6177 0 with Easy Methods?

How to Fix QuickBooks Error 6177 0
QuickBooks error 6177 0 is a common issue that takes place when you are accessing a company file. QuickBooks company files have important business data containing cash flow projector (.cfp) files, transaction log (.tlg) files, etc. When the error occurs, you might not be able to access your company records. An error message arrives while accessing the file that reads: QuickBooks is trying to access this Company file. Before you access the company file from your computer, you must open the file where it is located. In this blog, we will discover and fix the miscellaneous reasons by which QuickBooks Error Code 6177 occurs. Let’s proceed with the reasons.


What are the Reasons for QuickBooks Error 6177 0?

As we discussed, the primary reason responsible for QuickBooks 6177 error in the blog’s introduction. Let’s have a look at some other possible reasons that can trigger the 6117 error in QuickBooks.

  • Infections caused by malicious malware or virus attack.
  • Corruption in the path of the company file or within the file itself.
  • Accidental deletion of the QB company file raises the evoke of QuickBooks error code 6177 0 cannot use path.
  • Corrupted download and improper installation might also end in this type of error.

After knowing the reasons now, it’s time to fix the Quickbooks 6177 issue.


How to Fix QuickBooks Error 6177 0?

Below are the methods to resolve the QuickBooks Error code 6177 0:


Method#1: Update Your QuickBooks to the Newest Version

Before updating the QuickBooks to the latest version, you should move the files to the local computer. You have your data if any mishappening occurs while fixing the Quickbooks 6177 error. You can update the QuickBooks in two methods one is manually, and the other is Automatic.


Manual Update to Fix QuickBooks 6177 Error

  1. Firstly, close your company files and QuickBooks.
  2. Then, open the Windows Start menu.
  3. Now, search for QuickBooks Desktop. Right-click on the icon and choose Run as Administrator.
  4. Here, on the No Company Open display, proceed to the Help menu and choose Update QuickBooks Desktop.
  5. After that, go to the Options tab. Choose Mark all options and then click on Save.
  6. Click on the Update Now tab and choose the Reset Update checkbox.
  7. Now, choose the “Get Updates” option
  8. When the updates are complete, close and reopen the QuickBooks Desktop. To install the updates, click Yes.
  9. After installation finishes, restart your computer.


Here is the manual update procedure. Now let’s move to the Automatic Update, which also helps in fixing QuickBooks error code 6177 efficiently.


Automatic Update to Fix QuickBooks Error 6177 0

  • Go to the Help menu and choose Update QuickBooks Dekstop.
  • Then, click on the Update Now tab. Tip: You can choose the Reset Update checkbox for clearing all precious update downloads.
  • Now, choose the “Get Updates” option to begin the download.
  • After the download completes, Restart QuickBooks
  • When prompted, click on the option to install the new release.


Method#2: Update Your File Location

If you keep your QuickBooks company file on a server, in the cloud, or on an external hard drive, you should change its location. Use the below steps to move the files to your local hard drive and back to where it was. Here are the steps to fix QuickBooks error 6177 0 Code:

Note: Ideally, you should process these steps on your computer server(the one that hosts the company files). If you don’t have access to it, then it’s OK. You can follow the below steps on one of your workstations ( a PC/computer connected to your server that doesn’t host your company files).


  1. Open the Windows Start menu from your computer server or workstation.
  2. Then in the search, type “File Explorer” and open file Explorer.
  3. Now, search for and open the QuickBooks folder. You can also press the F2 key while QuickBooks is open to reaching the location.
  4. After that, find the company file ending with .QBW. It should look like [company name].qbw
  5. Here, write down the drive location and name. You’ll put the company file back here later on.
  6. Move your QB company file from the folder to C: drive. Just move the company file, not the whole folder and your QuickBooks error 6177 0 will fix.

If, after following the above method, you cannot fix QuickBooks error code 6177, let’s proceed to the next one.


Method3: Manually Fix the File Path

To resolve the QuickBooks 6177 error. Find the ND file

  1. Open the File Explorer on your server computer and find the QuickBooks folder.
  2. Search the file with your company name ending with ND. It should looks like [MyComapnyFileName].qbw.nd.
  3. Now, right-click the ND file and choose Delete. Don’t worry, it won’t affect the accounting data.
  4. To proceed with this, you have to configure QuickBooks Database Server Manager. Here are the steps
  5. If you haven’t already, then, download & install the QuickBooks DBSM to fix QuickBooks error 6177.
  6. Now, click on Windows Start Menu from your server computer. In the search bar, type “Database” and open QuickBooks DBSM.
  7. After that, choose the QuickBooks folder containing your company files.
  8. Choose Start Scan.
  9. Here, after the scan completes, choose Close.
  10. Set your folder permissions for sharing your company files.


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Method#4: Download and Run File Doctor Tool

To fix QuickBooks error 6177 0, you need to download and use the QuickBooks file doctor tool on your computer. Once the file doctor tool installs successfully, click on the Scan button. This procedure will scan and clean up the company file that is located on the server computer. This procedure also refreshers the location.

Important: If this method fixes the QuickBooks error code 6177, then be sure to create a backup of your company file and save it.


Winding Up

We hope with this blog, the information and the methods will help you fix the QuickBooks error 6177 0 effortlessly. There is no need for technical knowledge to use these methods, and a non-tech user also uses the techniques and resolves the QuickBooks 6177 error. If you are still facing the same error, feel free to call our QuickBooks phone number at +1-520-463-7633 anytime. Our support team is available 24×7, and they will provide you with the best solution.