QuickBooks Error 103 | How to Fix?

QuickBooks is the versatile accounting software accessed by all small and medium-size business owners to organize and manage their finances. However, there are times when you experience QuickBooks Error 103 because of not correctly entered the login credentials of your bank account in QuickBooks Online. Moreover, this particular error code indicates that QuickBooks is not accepting your login request and the bank’s login credentials need to be updated in QuickBooks Online so that it can recognize when sign-in to the account. In order to efficiently get rid of this issue with the help of QuickBooks Support or read out the blog.


Reasons for QuickBooks Error 103

QuickBooks Error 103 can be caused by several reasons. Check-out the list of its root causes:

  1. Missing cookie and catch file
  2. If .msi file is infected, then also the error 103 appears

A required configuration may be missing in your Internet Browser which leads to QuickBooks Error 103

  1. Approval facility turned on due to permission denied
  2. Intuit QB error 103 configuration problem
  3. This also may happen due to bank server problem
  4. Entering wrong credentials will also take you to this problematic situation

Troubleshooting Guidelines to Fix QuickBooks Error 103

In spite of wandering here and there and wasting your precious time, start following the below enlisted solutions one-by-one until the QuickBooks Error 103 is resolved. Stop moving to the next solution once the problem has fixed from the previous one. Let’s begin:

Solution 1: Verify your Sign-in Credentials

Follow the given instructions to do so with an ease:

  1. The very beginning step you need to take is to click on “Verify your credentials” link that displays the error message
  2. Next, by clicking on the link, the separate window will open to your bank’s website where you have to re-enter your login  credentials
  3. Make sure you enter the correct username and password and use auto-fill to complete the entry field
  4. Now Log out from your financial institution’s website
  5. After that, go back to QB Online, re-enter the username and password in the same exact format that you did in the bank’s site
  6. Make a final click on “Update Sign-in Info” to end-up this process

Now you are good to go! If it doesn’t work for eliminating QuickBooks Error 103, go ahead with the next solution.

Solution 2: Edit Your Bank’s Sign-in Info in QuickBooks Online

  1. From the left menu, you have to select “Banking” for the account
  2. Click the “pencil icon” that shows edit option for the account
  3. Then, give a click on “Edit Sing-in info”
  4. On the top of the Window, click on the hyperlink redirecting to the bank’s legit website
  5. In the next step, a new window will open on the website of your financial institution
  6. Give confirmation that you are able to see various accounting information such as history, summary, and details without any errors and can easily access your account via this site

Solution 3: Add Account for New Connection

Here are the right ways to do such thing:

  1. First of all, you have to select “Transactions” option and then click on “Banking”
  2. Now, select “Add Account” on the banking page
  3. Next, you have to type your bank’s name in the search box to search the same
  4. Under “All Matching Results”, you should see the option- “New connection with a different login”
  5. Now, sign-in wit details you would like to have on the bank website
  6. And then link all your QB accounts with your bank account and tap “Connect”
  7. After completing the above-listed steps carefully, click on “OK, I am finished” to rectify the QuickBooks Error 103

If the same error is continuously been appeared when login bank account in QuickBooks Online, go ahead with the next solution.

Solution 4: Disconnect an Existing Account

Let’s do it with the help of below noted instructions:

  1. First, choose “Transactions” and then click on “Banking” option
  2. Now select the specific account that you want to stop or disconnect and then tap on pencil icon which indicated the Edit option
  3. Next, you have to click on “Edit Account Info” to proceed further
  4. Give a check mark on the box just next to “Disconnect the account”
  5. And then finally click on “Save” to complete the process

Take QuickBooks Help from Experts If Yet QuickBooks Error 103 Not Solved

Don’t wag-off! If you tried hard to sort out QuickBooks Error 103 by following the aforementioned fixing guidelines as we have tech-savvy who will lend a hand in solving it instantly. So, give a single ring at helpline number anytime as it is accessible round the clock only for your better support. The top-most qualified techies will connect you immediately and give QuickBooks Help with 100% satisfaction to eradicate your problem.