How to Eliminate QuickBooks POS Error 1330?


When you experience QuickBooks POS Error 1330 on the computer screen during new version installation of POS, then it clearly means that you have an invalid data signature. This specific error usually happens because of the digital signature allotted to the cab files running in the background. It is necessary that the signature matches with the system date and time. To annihilate the problem, simply has to uninstall the QuickBooks Point of Sale and then install it again completely in your OS. Probably, due to having lack of technical knowledge, you can’t perform the installation process accurately and hence need QuickBooks Help from professionals.

Reasons for QuickBooks POS Error 1330

Before start eradicating it, let’s first figure out the possible reasons of QuickBooks POS 10 Error 1330. This could cause by:

  1. If the installation source of QuickBooks is damaged or corrupt
  2. Due to interruption of Antivirus program during the installation process
  3. Improper or faulty installation of QuickBooks would be a possible cause of such an error issue
  4. If QuickBooks company file gets damaged
  5. When an installed firewall restricts you from installing the application
  6. Incorrect date and time configure in your system

Effectual Guides to Eliminate QuickBooks POS Error 1330

Effective and trustworthy troubleshooting guidelines to Eliminate Error 1330 QuickBooks POS are mentioned below. But before following them, you need to create a backup of your data and file. Once you have created, let’s begin the below-provided steps:

Solution 1:

Have a glance on the steps written underneath:

  1. Login to your computer as a System Administrator
  2. Next, download Point Of Sale update on your PC if any update for POS is available
  3. After that, close all the applications and programs currently running in your system
  4. Now, go to the “Task Manager” option by pressing the “Ctrl + Alt + Del” keys on your keyboard and then choose the “Processes” tab
  5. Afterwards, end all the running process of .exe file
  6. Close the POS Services active on the system : QBPOS Database Manager vXX
  7. And then Search for .msc files
  8. Select “Services Window” and then search for QBPOS Database Manager vXX
  9. Close POS Services as well as Services windows right now
  10. In the next step, it is vital to clean all the data associated with the folder of updated products
  11. Now close your Windows Explorer dialogue box
  12. And then finally update your QuickBooks POS

If this doesn’t work out in exterminating QuickBooks POS Error 1330, then use the next solution method to fix it hands-freely. Let’s do it now!

Solution 2:

  1. First and foremost, you have to Uninstall/Repair your QuickBooks POS
  2. It is mandatory to save all your data and important files in your system. Once saved, close all the programs currently running on your Windows
  3. Next, you need to open the ‘Run’ command by pressing the Windows + R keys simultaneously
  4. Now, type the “Control panel” in the search box and then press Enter key on your keyboard or tap “OK” button
  5. Once the Control Panel Window opens-up on the screen, click on “Add” option or “Remove Programs” separately
  6. Afterward, choose “QuickBooks POS” from the list and then select change or remove function. After this, click “YES”
  7. After uninstalling the POS, rename its folder directly from C:\ drive
  8. Rename QBPOSDBSrv under C:\Documents and settings
  9. Perform a Clean login for the QBPOSDBSrv user
  10. After this, open Run command once again and type UAC and hit Enter
  11. Select User Accounts and the go to User tab
  12. Select the QBPOSDBSrv user and then delete the account
  13. Restart your system and then reinstall the QuickBooks Point of Sale

 Get Reliable QuickBooks Support For QuickBooks POS Error 1330

We hope, the above-mentioned guides may fruitful for you to troubleshoot QuickBooks POS Error 1330. But in case you are still receiving the same error message while installing the POS, then feel free to dial helpline number to get united with skilled technicians for one-stop QuickBooks Support at reasonable cost. Once this error becomes sorted out, you can flawlessly carry your business and manage the financial data in no time. You will definitely be thankful to the tech-geeks after getting world-class remedy.