Resolve QuickBooks Web Connector Error 1039


QuickBooks Web Connector Error 1039 is commonly caused by either the re-positioning of the company file or the inappropriate removal of the third-party application or Warehouse Manager from the QuickBooks Web Connector. If you change the company file putting it back to the indigenous location will usually resolve the error. If the third-party application or Warehouse Manager was detached, you can install the .qwc file again to the Web Connector.

Given below are some of the major steps to resolve QuickBooks web connector error 1039. Perform these steps meticulously to get rid of this irritating error from QuickBooks. If you find any difficulty regarding this error you can contact QuickBooks online support to get help from the experts. These experts have skills and experienced professionals having in-depth knowledge of the product.

Reasons For QuickBooks web connector error 1039

The error may occur due to the following reasons:

  1. The company file is moved or re-positioned saving it back to it is original position will speed the error.
  2. If the error is caused by the improper removal of the Third-Party applications or Warehouse manager, reinstalling the .qwc file will prevent the error.

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What to do to Fix QuickBooks Error 1039?

  1. Right-click on the .QWC file and choose “Open With”.
  2. Increase Other Programs in the Open With window.
  3. Choose Notepad and click on OK to open the .QWC file in Notepad.
  4. Select Format and then Word Wrap to fit the text to the window.
  5. Modify a single (1) character in the Owner ID string and a single (1) character in the File ID string.

Note: You can modify any of the 0-9/A-F characters to any other character in the range 0-9/A-F. It doesn’t affair which character you modify, but keep the case constant. If the rest of the characters are lowercase, make it lowercase and if the rest of the characters are uppercase make your new character uppercase.

  1. Select  File and then click on Save.
  2. Re-load the changed QWC file into QuickBooks Web Connector.

Dial Help Number to Get Rid of QuickBooks web connector error 1039

Even after going through these processes, if you find any difficulty then you just need to eradicate it with the help of resolved QuickBooks Technical Support. To get in touch with the experts you need to call on QuickBooks support number. Their experts will make installation of QuickBooks software in a perfect way on your system. These experts are experienced technicians having detailed knowledge of the stuff. Place a call and get in touch with them to resolve your issue as soon as possible. They are available round the clock to serve their clients in the best way possible. So, don’t think too much. Get up and place a call.