Delete or Void a Bill or Bill Payment Check in QuickBooks

How to Delete a Bill Payment Check in QuickBooks

If you are running a business, it is crucial to keep your books organized, track your sales, record bill payments, and business expenses as well. Well, you can frequently enter bills and record bill payments in QuickBooks Online. However, there are instances, when a bill in QuickBooks is recorded as paid but you actually want to Void a Bill Payment Check-in QuickBooks for some issues. The issues can be anything like, the check was not received by the vendor or some other related error. Luckily, QuickBooks provides a facility to delete a bill or bill payment check in an efficient manner. If in case, being a novice you don’t have an idea and looking for the process to do so, don’t feel blue! We have come up with a comprehensive guide. Just read and learn!

Furthermore, you can raise a voice of assistance from our QuickBooks Billing Support team if you fail to complete the procedure provided in this guide. You only have to connect with us using our helpline number. Rest you can leave everything on our tech specialists, they are experienced so they can handle it in a better way.

Things to Consider Before Attempting Deleting a Bill Payment Check

We always advise you to consider the points enumerated underneath before deciding to Delete or Void a Bill/Bill Payment Check-in QuickBooks. Let’s give a brief look at the points outlined in the below section:

  1. Voiding modifies the amount of the transaction to zero but gathers a record of the transaction safely in QuickBooks. This is an utmost important point you should take into consideration.
  2. The second point you should keep in mind is that deleting removes the transaction completely in QuickBooks. It somehow also causes the bills paid to get back to unpaid status.
  3. Additionally, deleting the bill causes the Transaction Journal Detail report to show a bill payment without even the corresponding bill.
  4. Also, there will be no bill linked with the Bill Payment Check-in QuickBookswhen you visit its transaction history.

Why Need To Delete or Void a Bill/Bill Payment Check in QuickBooks?

There are several issues due to which you want to Delete or Void a Bill/Bill Payment Check-in QuickBooks. But the one most possible matter for the same is that might be check was not received by the merchant. This is the exact problem why you would like to cancel the bill payment check.

Desired Steps to Void a Bill Payment Check in QuickBooks

Now, after knowing the fundamental points, you can take a step to Void a Bill Payment Check-in QuickBooks. In the beneath section, it is mentioned in an appropriate manner. You just need to go through one-by-one accordingly to accomplish the voiding task in a short period of time. Let’s begin:

  1. First and foremost, you need to open the Transaction in QuickBooks.
  2. Next, you will have to select the “Edit” menu.
  3. Afterward, select the “Void Bill/ Bill Pmt-Check” from the opened list and then press a single tap on it.

That’s it! The selected bill payment check will be canceled in a minute.

Desired Steps to Delete a Bill/Bill Payment Check in QuickBooks

Here is how to efficiently delete a Bill Payment Check-in QuickBooks. So, stop wandering just give a glimpse at below and perform the given guidelines properly:

  1. First of all, open the “Transactions” in QuickBooks Online.
  2. Thereafter, select the “Edit” tab.
  3. And then finally opt for the “Delete Bill/Bill Pmt-Check” tab.

That’s it! The selected bill payment check will be removed from top-to-toe.

Desired Steps Void or Delete Multiple Bills/Bill Payment Checks

Go through the guidelines instructed underneath for voiding or deleting multiple bills/bill payment checks:

  1. First, open the Transactions
  2. Then, select the “Lists” menu from the top and then choose the “Chart of Accounts” tab.
  3. Now, give a double-tap on the appropriate “Accounts Payable” account to open its register.
  4. Afterward, choose the specific bill or bill payment check.
  5. Proceed ahead by selecting the “Edit” menu, and then choose “Void/Delete Bill/Bill Pmt-Check”.
  6. In the end, select “Record”, then tap “Yes” to save the changes.

This is it! The multiple selected bill payment check will be deleted or voided finally.

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Contact QuickBooks Billing Support Team Online 24/7 for Additional Help

The aforementioned process to Delete or Void a Bill Payment Check-in QuickBooks doesn’t take a lot of effort and time. So, you can flawlessly follow them without any hassle. But, if, in case you face technical glitches while performing the above course of action, you can feel free to contact us. We will serve you quality online QuickBooks Billing Support at your doorstep. Simply have to place a single ring at the given contact number and hence stay united with us.