Know How To Import Credit Card Transactions Into QuickBooks Online?

import transactions into quickbooks

QuickBooks online delivers a great feature to its users that will benefit them to save their time and efforts. With the help of QuickBooks Online, you can easily download the business import transactions into QuickBooks Online. When you have downloaded the transactions, you can swiftly manage the transactions. So, here in this write-up, you will know the details if you want a fast and easy way to import your credit card transaction into QuickBooks online.

Tips for Importing Credit Card Transaction

Given below are some tips and tricks that can help you to import credit card transactions, follow these steps carefully. By doing so you can easily import transactions into QuickBooks Online.

  • When you download a file from your credit card company, you need to add a column for the QuickBooks account number or name. And populate the column pre-import. If you have any account number, simply give the last sub-account number in your import file. After that, allow the option for your account numbers at the bottom of the web page. If you are accessing account names that include all accounts and sub-accounts parted by a column in your import file.
  • At times, there is a “pay” column in the file that is downloaded from the credit card company containing extra info like merchant id. You can edit this column pre-import thus it can easily resemble the vendor name.
  • Provide the credit card account from the QuickBooks as a default value that is shown on the screen when you import credit card transactions into QuickBooks Online. There is no need to add a new value to your import file in QuickBooks.
  • To Import Credit Card Transactions into QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks has not given support for any credit card credits on this platform. So, tactlessly, any credits will have to be entered manually to Import Credit Card Transactions into QuickBooks Online.


If you come across any problem locating your bank account with QuickBooks Online, you can import your credit card transaction in the Excel Format called CSV and QBO file. Contact our QuickBooks Support team to import your credit card transaction into QuickBooks online and get any time assistance.

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Benefits of Connecting your Credit Card Account to QuickBooks

  • You can save a lot of time when you download your transactions in QuickBooks.
  • It characterized your transaction and add them to your QuickBooks, thus the QuickBooks can start the work for you that you wish from the QuickBooks.
  • You don’t have any business bank account and accessing a personal bank account, get a separate bank account for your business if you wish to connect with QuickBooks. It is very beneficial for you to do your activities individually from your personal account.

Steps to automatically import transactions into QuickBooks Online

If you wish to Import Credit Card Transactions into QuickBooks Online, then you must have your online banking user id and password to login your account.

  1. Select Your Banking Center

From the home page, choose your transaction under the bank account and then bank from the left side of the menu bar.

  • First of all, type your bank or credit card name in the search box.
  • Choose your bank or credit card companies from the list that is shown below the search box.

If you are unable to see your credit card company, then you need to download the Credit Card Transaction using CSV format.

  1. Login your business and credit card account

Provide your user ID and password. After typing your Id and password it takes some time to use your account. It will also depend on your internet speed and the number of accounts that you have. It takes some time to connect your bank to QuickBooks.

  1. Select your credit card account

  • You will get all the accounts you have at this bank. Do the check mark for each account you would like to connect to QuickBooks.
  • Type your bank account name there. No edits are required in the field.
  • Select your QuickBooks account where you link your bank account. If you have no setup in the QuickBooks then choose the ‘Add account’ from the drop-down.

When you Enter the Transactions

Category Type: On the Bank and credit card page, tap on the category column to sort the transaction.

Detail Type: It automatically populates with the Credit Card based on the principles made in the Account Type field.

Name: This category shows your account name in QuickBooks.

Description: This describes your credit card name and the last 4 digits of your account number.

If you fill all the fields correctly, then tap on the save option and click the close button.

  1. Choose the right date range

Some of the transactions are downloaded in 90 days. If you want to have more than 90 days of the transaction then you have to download the uploading transaction accessing CSV format of this course.

If you wish for a shorter date range then simply tap on the link “need a shorter date range”.

The date you start accessing QuickBooks is less than 90 days, so you have to use a shorter date range.

  1. Click on Connect

You hit the connect button, all the transactions will be downloaded directly to the QuickBooks and there is no undo button to go back. After that, you will find that the account you transfer is not the account that you want to connect to QuickBooks. You need to delete all of those transactions.

It takes a while for the transaction as it depends on the number of accounts that you have selected and the date range.

  1. Transactions have been downloaded

When your transaction is completed in the QuickBooks, a message is displayed on the screen stating “We successfully downloaded your transactions. Hooray!”

  1. Review the Downloaded transactions

  • You will get the credit card account and balance in the banking center.
  • Your other credit card account in QuickBooks then you can hit the ‘Add account’ button and move back to Step 1.
  • If you face any problem in connecting your Credit card account to QuickBooks, then you have to know how to download your credit card transaction accessing an Excel.CSV and QBO file.

For technical assistance, dial QuickBooks Support Phone Number. Experts will help you out with your problem and offer you the best remedy for your problem instantly. This support is the clock service.