Only Guide you Need for QuickBooks Data Migration and QuickBooks Migration Tool

QuickBooks Migration tool

QuickBooks has been a force to reckon with in the world of financial managers. This tool provides a wide range of features that helps you set your books straight. It is fast and pretty secure. And since it is secure, it becomes a huge advantage considering the nature of finances. However, nowadays with fast changes in technology, people change their devices frequently. Hence it makes sense to perform QuickBooks migration from desktop to online. It might seem difficult right? It is, to be frank. But thanks to the developers, you have the QuickBooks Migration tool to ease up your task.


What is QuickBooks Data Migration?

Financial data is crucial for everyone. Whether it be households or corporates. This makes it all the more important to save it. Now when it comes to using an application like QuickBooks, it is all present in digital format on a system. This has two concerns:

  • The system can crash, get stolen, or just stop working. This can lead to the loss of valuable data.
  • You can also opt to upgrade. This will leave you with the task of moving data manually.

Now to tackle this issue, the data can be stored online. All you need is an internet connection, and everything will be there at your fingertips. This is the bridge that the QuickBooks online gaps. It provides you with an easy way to move your data online.

Benefits of QuickBooks Online Data Migration

Now that you know what it is, you should know why users prefer it. Let us have a look at the major benefits.

  • It is much easier to streamline your accounting and business aspects.
  • You also have a direct channel to QuickBooks Online. You can create invoices, sales docs, etc.
  • Furthermore, it is secure and all your data is kept safely away from major mishaps. Since the data is online, you can also access it safely from anywhere.
  • The QuickBooks migrator tool is compatible with Windows and Mac alike. This allows for inter-platform flexibility.
  • It is quite simple to use. With an easy interface and features, you can start from the get-go. Basically, it makes tough work easy in style.
  • Moreover, this tool helps you migrate data from older versions as well. This helps you skip the technical barrier.
  • Finally, there is the excellent QuickBooks support team to help you in your troubles. If you feel that the tool is giving you trouble, you are free to reach out to them.


What is the QuickBooks Migration Tool and How Does it Work?

The QuickBooks data migration tool is a marvelous invention of the developers at Intuit. It makes the complex task of migration simple by times fold. A major reason behind its development is the shift of preferences. If you want to convert QuickBooks desktop to QuickBooks online you can read this post.

Because of the reasons mentioned above, it was seen that there has been an increase in data migration. This led to a lot of complaints about the complexity of the steps. It also led to the loss of data in the most extreme cases. Hence, to eliminate this issue came the QuickBooks Migration tool. And they did knock it out of the park. How and why, well we will cover in the later stages.


Preliminary Steps Before Using the QuickBooks Migration tool

You should keep in mind that the process can get a bit tricky. The process of QuickBooks migration from desktop to online is a long affair. Hence, there are a few steps that you need to take care of beforehand. Moreover, financial data can create a lot of trouble if it gets messed up. It might get even worse than losing the data in its entirety. So now, we can proceed to cover the major things to put on your checklist before you proceed to migrate the data.

  • The first thing you need to do is download the QuickBooks Migration tool. It will be available on the official website. Once the download is over, you can complete the installation following the on-screen instructions. Finally, click on finish to complete the installation.
  • After that, you need to be sure that everything is fine with the data in QuickBooks. Moreover, all the files should be error-free and running smoothly. You must remember your credentials as well.
  • Also, do remember that you have to verify that the data is correct. This includes running the payroll, and balance sheets, and also ensuring that the taxes are done. We will also like to highlight that minute details like employee gender and personal info are important for QuickBooks online.
  • Finally, you must also ensure that you have a backup of your data. This will provide you with much more confidence, and also help you if any mishap occurs. All you need to do for this is navigate through File > Backup Company > Create Local Backup > choose an apt location.

We are now in a much better situation to proceed further. In the next section, we cover the various ways by which you can migrate data. If you face common errors using while migration process you can fix them using QuickBooks Tool Hub.


Method of QuickBooks Migration from Desktop to Online

In this section, we cover multiple methods. Use the one you find the easiest for you.

First Method: Using the QuickBooks Migration Tool

Whatever version you are using, the steps will be the same. This tool is gonna make your task easier.

  1. The first step is to use the appropriate link for the tool. Please note that it is different for QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Premier. And also that it is separate from the QuickBooks Enterprise button.
  2. After that, you need to click on the Get Started button. It will be highlighted in green.
  3. Once you click on it, you will have to Sign In to your account.
  4. Now you need to upload your company files. You can select the file icon and then the Temporary Files. Also, you can choose to Upload Files and browse for the company file.
  5. You need to wait till the upload is over. Once done, close the prompt. After that, refresh your screen to confirm the upload.
  6. Next up, you need to wait again since the auto-update will be in progress.
  7. Once done, you will get the option to move your file to QuickBooks Online.

Second Method: Using the Inbuilt Features of the Application

There is an option in the application itself for QuickBooks migration from desktop to online. To proceed with this;

  1. Launch the QuickBooks Desktop application. After this, you have to navigate to the Company menu.
  2. From the dropdown, you will have to opt for the option Export Company File to QuickBooks Online.
  3. Up next, a window pops up on the screen. This is where you have to log in to QuickBooks Online.
  4. After that, follow the instructions presented on the screen. It will help you import the inventory data.
  5. Now the conversion process begins.

Please note that the time it takes totally depends on the size of the files. If it is large, it might take around a day. So please be patient during the process. Once the process is over, you will receive an email. After that, you need to check that the data is accurate. You can try to compare the pre-conversion and post-conversion data as minutely as you can. If you want to know how to update QuickBooks desktop software you can read this post.

Bonus: The Method of QuickBooks Migration Tool Online to Desktop Conversion

We have already told you the benefits of storing your data online. However, the QuickBooks Migration tool also provides you with the other way.

  1. First, you need to visit QuickBooks Online. After that, in the Prepare to export window select Continue.
  2. Now you need to choose what data you want to export. When asked for, enter your credentials and select Continue.
  3. Once the email confirmation is over, you will get back to the export page. There you have to select Get Started.
  4. On the Prepare to the export page, choose Continue. And on the Select your data page, choose the same file as before. Now tap on Continue.
  5. You will have a prompt on the Exporting from QuickBooks Online page. Here opt for Continue to Download.
  6. Now opt for Download QBXML file, and store it in an easy location.
  7. After that, launch the application and have the No Company Open screen.
  8. The next step is to launch the QuickBooks Migration tool. After that, browse to the QBXML you downloaded and choose Import.
  9. Once done, enter a target location for the file that you want to be created.
  10. After that, finish the process by clicking on Continue > Done.



To conclude, the QuickBooks Migration tool has been a game changer for the application. It has made the migration to the online platform much easier. As a bonus to it, it has also given a boost to the convenience factor of the application. Do give it a try if you are planning to migrate your data. However, please be patient during the process.