How can I Fix QuickBooks Error 30601 – Payroll Service Connection Error?

QuickBooks Error 30601 - Payroll Service Connection Error?

QuickBooks error 30601 is a payroll service server error or Payroll Connection error. This error occurs when you send the usage data to Inuit servers stating: “We’re sorry. We’ve undergone a Payroll Service Connection error. Could not send your payroll information”. You can also see the following statement when this happens.

Payroll Service Server Error. Please try again later. If this problem continues, please contact Intuit Technical Support.

Payroll Connection Error. Contact QuickBooks Error Support.

But when you contact the support, they tell you to wait for two days and to try the send the data again which doesn’t help.

If you also encounter this, then we have your back. We will tell you the advanced and easy steps to troubleshoot the error 30601 effortlessly. But before fixing the error, don’t you want to know the causes for this error.


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What Causes QuickBooks Error 30601?

The following points are the key reasons for QuickBooks error code 30601:

  • Internet connection issues.
  • Invalid security certificate.
  • When you are sending payroll data using multi-user mode.
  • Due to network time-out stops, the QuickBooks program to access the server.
  • The system’s firewall can be an issue.
  • Wrong system date and time properties.


How to Fix QuickBooks Error 30601?

How to Fix QuickBooks Error 30601

Fixing the error 30601 in QuickBooks is easy, and you must attempt the given solutions. And after attempting each solution, send payroll and see if it works.


Solution 1: Switch to Single-User Mode

Ensure you are not using the QuickBooks multi-user mode while sending the payroll data. The QuickBooks should be in single-user mode. So to switch from multi-user mode to single-user mode, go to the File menu in QuickBooks, and switch to Single-user mode. After trying to send the payroll data to the servers again.


Solution 2: Download and Install Latest Tax Table

To fix the QuickBooks error 30601, you need to download and install the latest tax table update and have an active subscription to QuickBooks Desktop Payroll. It is always recommended to update your tax table regularly when you pay your employees. But, if you operate QuickBooks Payroll Online, the tax tables will automatically update to the latest release.

Note: From January 2021, users can’t update the tax tables with the help of CD, and it was discontinued.

Now, follow the steps to update the tax table in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll:

There are two ways to update the tax table; the first one is:


Update Tax Table

  1. Choose Employees.
  2. Click on Get Payroll Updates.
  3. Now, check the Download Entire Update checkbox.
  4. After that, click on Download Latest Update.

Lastly, an informational windows will display on the screen when the download completes.


Update QuickBooks

In the second method, we will update the whole QuickBooks, which downloads all the necessary updates, including tax tables, and you can fix QuickBooks error 30601.

  1. Firstly, open QuickBooks and go to the Help menu.
  2. Now, select Update QuickBooks and click on the Update Now tab.
  3. Here, you have to click on the Get Updates option to install the latest updates.
  4. When the download completes, restart QuickBooks.


Solution 3: Check System’s Date and Time

Date and time play an important role; it automatically syncs to your QuickBooks desktop account in real-time. You can track time from any location with any device. So, it is important to check and set your system’s date and time with the following steps:

  1. Go to the Start.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Now, choose Time and Language tab.
  4. After that, click on Date and Time.
  5. Now, set the time.
  6. Lastly, open QuickBooks and send the usage data to the servers again.


Solution 4: Restart Your System

If none of the above solutions doesn’t help you in fixing QuickBooks error 30601, then you can restart your computer system. It will clear the memory and close the programs using more Ram. A reboot can resolve your software and hardware issue, which keeps it running smoothly. After the restart, opens your QuickBooks and try to resend the payroll usage data to the server.


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Finishing Up

The payroll is essential in accounting; when you face QuickBooks error 30601, you can’t send your payroll usage data to the Intuit servers. So to solve this, we provide you with four easy solutions, which don’t need an expert’s help; you can do it independently. Also, look at the causes and keep them in mind for not getting this error in the future. However, if you fail or want an expert’s help in resolving the error code 30601, then contact our expert’s at 1-520-463-7633. They will assist with the best solution to fix errors.