How to Eliminate QuickBooks Error C=184?


Being a hands-free financial management accounting software program, sometimes a few errors can take place during accessing it. Many users have a complaint that they usually experience QuickBooks Error C=184 while using the company data file or generating a report and also raised a voice of assistance to make it sorted out completely. That’s why; our technical team has decided to give fruitful information regarding such a problematic error like why it happens generally and how to solve it effortlessly. Moreover, you can contact QuickBooks Support to save your time in resolving the issue. Once you go through carefully its provided guidelines, the QB Error Code 184 will surely be exterminated and further you can hassle-freely access your QuickBooks company file or manage everything in just a blink of an eye.

Reasons for The Appearance Of QuickBooks Error C=184

Are you looking for what causes QuickBooks Error C=184? If yes, then check out the points listed below:

  1. This occurs when either of these files “.ND (Network Data) or . TLG (Transaction Log)” is damaged.
  2. It may also arise if the reporting dates of QuickBooks Desktop are not matching because of the leap year.
  3. This can also happen if QuickBooks Desktop is not properly installed or inappropriate installation of QB.

However, when you encounter QuickBooks Error C=184, the following error message will display on the screen:

“An error has occurred in QuickBooks. Please restart QuickBooks and try again. If you continue to experience this error, please note the C= value and contact technical support C=184”.

Effective Ways to Eliminate QuickBooks Error Code C=184

We have collected here different possible troubleshooting methods to eliminate Error C=184 QuickBooks sooner. So, stop wondering now and keep your eyes feast on the underneath given instructions:

Solution 1: If Mismatched Reports Causing C=184 QuickBooks Error

In case, the QuickBooks Error Code C=184 occurs due to leap year as it has 29 days in Feb, and because of which the date of the report lies outside the range specified by the client. What you should actually do is manually change the range of data in your reports in order to proficiently get rid of it.

Solution 2: If QuickBooks Error C=184 is Caused By Damaged.ND and.TLG Files

  1. Move to the folder where the company file is saved on your computer system
  2. On that folder search for “.ND and . TLG” extensions of the data files. Though, you can easily identify such files if they have ended with.ND and.TLG of their names
  3. Once you find them, give a right-click on these files to select the “Rename” option
  4. Now, rename those files by adding an extension “.OLD” at the end of the file names. (For example: if the file name is ‘qbw.tlg’, then rename it to Yourcompanyfilename.qbw.tlg.OLD)
  5. After reformatting the name of the files, open the QuickBooks application on your system, and then after accessing your company file
  6. Following  these steps will automatically fix the damaged data files

If the same error code yet exists, go ahead with the next provided solution.

Solution 3: Follow the Advanced Troubleshooting Steps

If none of the above solutions are helpful in terminating Error 184, try to follow the additional fixing steps mentioned underneath:

  1. First, you have to copy the company file and then paste it to another location on your computer.
  2. Then, you need to change the path of the company file in the application.
  3. Now, access your company file which you have sifted at the new location, and check if the issue is resolved.
  4. If yet persists the same, rename the company file and add.OLD at the end of the file name.
  5. Furthermore, you may also change the folder in which the company file is saved as it can also happen due to a damaged folder. To fix this, create a new folder, move your company file to this newly created folder, and then set the path of this folder in the QuickBooks Desktop application.

Contact Tech-Specialists for Instant Support

Don’t get disappointed! If you still facing QuickBooks Error C=184 even after performing the entire given aforementioned solutions. There is a technical expert team working round the clock to support you instantly. So, place a call on the helpline number anytime also from anywhere and get associated with the top-most techies until your problem gets sorted out completely. They will give you proper time in making you understand better in terms of solving the problem.