How to Eliminate QuickBooks Error Code 3180?

While sending an employee record to QuickBooks, copying any company file, updating QuickBooks, there is a chance of the appearance of couple of errors. QuickBooks Error Code 3180 is also the one which may occur during these tasks and need to annihilate it sooner. This particular error code may also take place when trying to send time sections from BillQuick to QuickBooks for finance. It is one such error determines that when the client tries to interface with the QuickBooks the accompanying mistakes happen, such as QuickBooks Error 3180. Take QuickBooks Help from QuickBooks experts to deal with this problem in a cost-efficient way.


Reasons for Confronting QuickBooks Error Code 3180

There are numbers of possible causes for getting Error Code 3180 issue. Few are listed below, so have a glimpse here:

  1. The error code 3180 arises when the QuickBooks Desktop sales tax item is not embedded with any vendor
  2. If the account mapping of sales tax payable account is incorrect, then also the specific error issue occurs
  3. Another possible cause could be the use of the sale tax payable account to create a paid out
  4. Due to one or more items on receipt having the sales tax payable account selected as the target account

As a part of this error, you will receive a message stating “status code 3180” on the computer screen and will hindrance with working for your QuickBooks programs. It is very important to resolve this error as fast as possible to maintain the function of QuickBooks smoothly. On the basis of its causes you can eradicate this problem so easily. Hence, let’s do it!

Solutions to Eliminate QuickBooks Error Code 3180

These are the several potential solutions you can go through to get rid of the Error Code 3180 in QuickBooks. Have a glance on the noted points:

Solution 1: Unify Items in QuickBooks

To perform this, you need to follow the given steps:

  1. First and forecast, you are recommended to open QuickBooks Desktop
  2. Then, go to the “List” menu and then move to “Item” section
  3. After that choose the include inactive
  4. For sorting the list, opt “Type header”
  5. And then, rename the “Point of Sale payment” items
  6. Give a right-click on the payment item that starts with Point of Sale
  7. Select “Edit Items”
  8. Now, add “OLD” to the item name
  9. Tap “OK” after adding the OLD in the item name
  10. Now, run the financial exchange from your Point of Sale
  11. And then in QuickBooks desktop, merge the duplicate items
  12. Now, again choose “Edit Item”
  13. Remove “OLD” from the item name
  14. Tap “OK”
  15. And to confirm, click “Yes” button

Solution 2: Ensure That Vendor is assigned to the Sales Tax Items

Give assurance by following the provided instructions:

  1. Open QuickBooks Desktop on your PC
  2. Go to “List” section
  3. Go to the “Item” menu
  4. And then select “Include Inactive”
  5. Choose the “Type column” to sort the list alphabetically
  6. At last, ensure that all the sales tax item have a tax agency to it

Once you are confirmed, try to operate QuickBooks program to check if the error solves. If the same error code still persisting, give a try to the next solution.

Solution 3: Choose Your Tax Preference

To do so, follow the underneath steps:

  1. First, open QuickBooks Point of Sale
  2. Then, Go to “File” menu
  3. Choose “Preferences” option
  4. Select “Company”
  5. Under the “Financial” option tap “Accounts” button
  6. Mark on the “Basic and Advanced” tab
  7. Make sure that QuickBooks Sales Tax Payable is only listed in the sales tax row. If it is not, change it and run financial exchange

Solution 4: Make Sure That You Have Not Paid Out the Problem Receipt Using Sales Tax Payable

With the help of beneath instructions you can ensure it:

  1. On your QuickBooks Point of Sale, click “Sales History”
  2. Now, give a right-click on any column and then choose “Customize Columns”
  3. Ensure that the “QuickBooks Status” is selected
  4. Check for the receipts that are not yet completed
  5. Select the receipt if any of the receipts are paid out to sales tax payable and then click “Reverse Receipt”
  6. Next, you need to Re-create the paid out using a non-sales tax payable account
  7. Run financial exchange

Obtain QuickBooks Support to Instantly Solve QuickBooks Error Code 3180

Hopefully! The aforementioned solutions for QuickBooks Error Code 3180 will surely be helpful in exterminating the error. But sometimes couple of users are not able to cope-up the error due to less technical knowledge. So, for them, QuickBooks Phone Support is available to obtain the reliable and effective solution. The numbers of talented tech-savvy is working on this to proffer world-class remedy in a least time of interval. Therefore, call on the helpline number and stay tuned!