You should know about QuickBooks Online, what has its features and the same for QuickBooks Desktop. So that you can access the beneficial one. However, the biggest difference between QuickBooks Online VS. Desktop is that Online need not to be installed on a computer but Desktop does. Product-based businesses with complete list needs to work better with QuickBooks Desktop, whereas generally choose QuickBooks Online for service-based businesses. Basically both are differ in three key areas: pricing, features, and data accessibility. The more detailed information is been written here. All you need to do is to read this article carefully and get effective ideas regarding the both Online and Desktop.

Advantages Of QuickBooks Online And Desktop

Currently, QuickBooks Desktop has more attractive features than QuickBooks Online, but QuickBooks Online has features which are not available in QuickBooks Desktop. When it comes to generating reports, creating invoices, tracking expenses and sales and managing accounts payable, both Online and Desktop have covered all these effectual features. The difference comes in the details, and “convenience” is the key word. Go through the below mentioned points appropriately:

Creating Invoice with QuickBooks online

QuickBooks Online will help you in creating and customizing invoices, and even automate the process by telling QBO what to send and when to send. However, with Desktop, you can easily copy previous invoices, but you still need to manually finalize and send them each time.

QuickBooks Online VS Desktop

Sales And Expenses

At QuickBooks Online, you can connect your bank to Online so that your transactions get updated automatically to your account. Desktop has the same capability, but take charges $10-$15 per month for it. Additionally, QBO allows you to clip the pictures of a receipt with your phone, and then attach the receipt to a transaction on your QBO account. Doing so will not require to wait for a while until you get back to the office and record them.

Update Products

One of the most interesting cloud accounting is to get the software up-to-date time to time. QuickBooks Online proffers bug fixes, new features, and updates as they’re released, any time of year. With Desktop, you need to wait for new version

, and then you have to pay around $300 for it.

Multiple Users

When we talk about the numbers of users may register to your QuickBooks Online account for free, then it would be up to 5 users. This could include access for an accountant or other professional to view your files. However, Desktop requires to purchase a license for 5 users, and if you want your accountants to be able to visible your account from their own offices. You will have to create a copy and email it, or physically hand it over on a USB device.


QuickBooks Online plans start at $10/month, but their most popular plan is $60/month. Free trials are also there which limits is 30 days, but negate any discount pricing. QuickBooks Desktop plans start at $299 for “Pro 2019.” While there are some options to purchase the software one time, QuickBooks Desktop is also fluctuating according to the subscription-based pricing.

QuickBooks Backups

Creating back up of your file and data is the best way to protect or secure from being accidentally data lose. So, in the event that happens, it’s good to have a literal backup plan. QuickBooks Desktop is comprised with various data protection options. Desktop users can create either a local or online backup through their software or purchase Intuit Data Protect for $9.99 per month.

For QuickBooks Online, users are required to either export their data manually or use a third-party application to backup their data. If any of the QuickBooks Online users have lost their data or delete it accidentally, then there is no chance to recover. That’s why it is highly recommended to the users to back up your file or data before getting it lost at any condition.

Customer Support

It’s better to avail instant support of your related query. QuickBooks Online service proffers 24/7/365 phone support, and free live online trainings weekly as well. But when we talk about Desktop, it basically acquires extra $89 for 90 days of phone support.

Limitations of QuickBooks online

It is fact that we all want the flexibility, accessibility and affordability of cloud-based applications. However, QuickBooks Online does have its limitations.

QuickBooks Desktop has been around longer. So it is more powerful and provides detailed functionality regarding job costs, inventory, discounts, etc. But there are third party apps available to enhance the gaps in QBO development. Even though Intuit is pushing Desktop users to switch to Online, so that you come to know they are investing money in continual QBO improvement.

Amazing Features Available On QuickBooks Online But Not On Desktop

  • Schedule automatically and sending transactions freelys
  • The ability to access your smartphone and tablet to attach documents, images, signatures & other files for transactions
  • It has ability to review actions and track changes over time using the Audit Log
  • Search by location
  • Customize customer labels
  • Set bank transactions to download automatically at every night
  • Custom Banking Rules can be programmed to divide by dollar amount or percentage
  • Bank rules can be made to auto-add to the register
  • Limitless time tracking and report generation
  • Create delayed charges and delayed credits as non-posting transactions that can be billed for or applied later
  • Journal entries can have more than one AR and AP lines
  • Organize and manage various budgets per revenue
  • Use Management Reports tool to design a presentation-ready report from beginning to the end
  • Easily and seamlessly integrate with third party applications

How Do You Decide Which One To Avail Either QuickBooks Online Or Desktop

I think the above given information is sufficient for deciding which one should take for making use of further. Therefore, it is suggested to first figure out all the advantages and then decide by your own. In case want some desired assistance from professional staff, then you should give a ring on QuickBooks Online Support Number and share your hurdles to the techies. They will sort out your problem within a pinch as they are highly experienced and knowledgeable.