QuickBooks Payroll Enhanced – Everything You Should Know

Intuit QuickBooks is loaded with great features which make your financial work easy. One such feature is QuickBooks Payroll Enhanced. It is a subscription that activates the payroll features in the QuickBooks Desktop Software. At the same time, it also allows the users to track their salaries, invoices, bills, and paychecks printing and also helps in filing company taxes. This is all you need to make payroll activities easy.


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Note: The Payroll service we are discussing is for QuickBooks Desktop (Pro, Premier, or Enterprise) users.


What is QuickBooks Payroll Enhanced?

Generally, QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll for accountants is the premium feature that calculates the business federal and state payroll taxes. Moreover, it always tracks the time of the tax payments. For you, it automatically fills the federal and state tax forms, and you just have to print, sign and mail them. Hence, it allows you to file and pay your payroll taxes directly from QuickBooks electronically with the e-file option and pay.


Note: The QuickBooks Payroll services don’t work with the QuickBooks versions for Mac. Instead of this, Intuit has released the Online Payroll that works as a payroll add-on. The Intuit Online payroll only exports the transactions to the QB Desktop and QB Online (without QB Online Payroll).

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Why is QuickBooks Payroll Enhanced is Best?

The following chart will provide you the idea of why to choose the QB Payroll enhanced:

Payroll Services Features Basic Standard Enhanced Advanced
Payroll Updates
Create Paychecks
Direct Deposit for Employees
Direct Deposit for 1099 Contractors
Federal Forms
State Forms
E-File and E-Pay
Intuit Workers’ Comp Payment Service
E-mail subscription for critical notices
Free expert support

Note: Intuit has discontinued the Standard Payroll Service. The existing users that have a Standard payroll subscription can use the service.


After knowing why Payroll Enhanced is best from the Basic and Standard, let’s learn about the features briefly in the following section.


Features of QuickBooks Payroll Enhanced

Like other QuickBooks programs the Payroll Enhanced is also offering lots of features which we are briefed on below:


  • Payroll Updates

The Payroll Updates create the most recent and accurate rates. Furthermore, it also calculates the state and federal tax tables, e-files, payroll tax forms, and payment options.


  • Create Paychecks

This feature will automatically create paychecks with automated tax calculations. Moreover, it also has an advanced feature that prints and gives it to you; you just have to sign and mail it.


Note: While creating paychecks nominal usage fee may apply.


  • Direct Deposit for Employees

With this feature of QuickBooks Payroll Enhanced, you are free to pay the employees. In general, it directly deposits the salaries of the company’s employee’s bank account on the date you fixed.


  • Direct Deposits 1099 for Contractors

Indeed, there is always a tension in paying the contractors on time with a bank transfer or cheques. But the Direct Deposits 1099 for contractors makes it simple for you. Likewise, it will create a list and calculate the contractors’ pay. So, the QuickBooks Payroll users send the payments to the independent contractors directly to the bank accounts.


  • Workforce

Generally, the QuickBooks Payroll Enhanced Workforce feature is the website workforce.inuit.com. Moreover, it allows the business owners to grant the employees 24×7 online access to check their paycheck information. Although, there is no worry about printing and mailing the pay stubs to the employees. In simple words, the employees can check their day-to-day pay, including the leaves and deductions. They just have to sign in to their QuickBooks Workforce account to check the latest pay stubs.


  • Federal Forms

Meanwhile, with the QuickBooks Payroll Enhanced and Standard payroll subscriptions, the QuickBooks Desktop automatically filled the latest Federal forms, W-2, 1099/1096 forms, 94x forms, and other national forms. Moreover, you can simply print the forms with a few clicks and mail them to the relevant federal agencies with this feature. In fact, the QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Assists it files and pays your taxes.


  • State Forms

Basically, every business has pressure about the tax filing, and it should be on time, nor will you have to pay the penalties. Hence, with the State Forms feature of payroll enhanced, the QuickBooks desktop calculates the taxes and fills in the latest State Tax Forms. Furthermore, the QuickBooks Desktop will assist you in processing the forms with all the State rules and regulations. The State Forms also feature files and pay your taxes like the federal forms feature.


  • E-File and E-Pay

With the QuickBooks Payroll Enhanced feature E-File and E-Pay, you can send the forms electronically to the appropriate agencies without printing and mailing. Moreover, it also allows you to set the payment method for your classified Federal and State Tax payments to E-Pay. And even more, it also pays the latest amount of tax to the agencies in QuickBooks Desktop.


Note: This is only available in QuickBooks Payroll Enhanced and to some selected states.


  • Intuit Worker’s Comp Payment Service

The Worker’s Compensation Payment Feature of QuickBooks Desktop Payroll, automatically pays the Workers’ comp, and it also premiums every pay time based on your existing payroll data.

  • No Tax Penalties

With this feature, if you provide the right data on time and your account is funded with a sufficient amount, your payroll tax will deposit, and filing will be on time and accurate.


  • Free Expert Support

The service feature will provide you with QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll support in running your payroll, filling your forms, and paying your taxes.

  • Payroll Support Website
  • Payroll Year-End Center
  • Payroll Tax Compliance
  • Payroll User Community

After the features, let’s proceed to the Advantages and Disadvantages of Payroll Enhanced in QuickBooks.


Pros & Cons of QuickBooks Payroll Enhanced

As with other software, it also has some pros and cons, which are the following:


  1. You can make Paychecks and Direct deposits for the employee’s salaries.
  2. On-time tax filing and payments of taxes.
  3. Easily integrated with the QuickBooks Desktop program.
  4. Easy Online payments and tools for tax filing.


  1. The QuickBooks enhanced payroll is only for Windows, not for mac.
  2. Lackluster invoicing.
  3. Limited Integration opportunities with QuickBooks online
  4. At the same time, you have to pay additional fees for pay-check.
  5. Additional filing fees for Premium and Core Plans


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Get Support for QuickBooks Payroll Enhanced

With this informative guide, we came along to provide you with everything about the QuickBooks Enhanced payroll. We also mention the features and pros, and cons of the QuickBooks Desktop Payroll. In conclusion, you should always go for the premium enhanced version of payroll. As it provides everything you want and makes your payroll work easy. If you want to know more, then our QuickBooks payroll experts are available at +1-520-463-7633. Our certified payroll experts will guide you about your concern. Thank You!


Frequently Asked Questions

Question- How do I get payroll updates?

To get the latest payroll updates, follow the given steps:

  1. Firstly, choose Employees and select Get Payroll Updates.
  2. Secondly, mark the Download Entire Update checkbox.
  3. Now, select Download Latest Update.
  4. Lastly, an information wizard will appear when the download completes.
  5. Finally, restart the QuickBooks Payroll.

Question- How many employees can I add to QuickBooks Payroll?

You can add the number of employees according to the subscription plan you take.

  • Basic – $2.00/ employee per month
  • Standard – no cost for adding employees
  • Enhanced – $2.00/ employee per month
  • Enhanced for Accountants – no cost for adding employees
  • Assisted – $2.00/ employee per payroll