How to fix QuickBooks POS Invalid Product Number or Error 176109?


Facing an error that says QuickBooks POS invalid product number or invalid product code, is pretty common while working with QuickBooks Point of Sale. The issue appears with an alert notification displaying the QuickBooks error code 176109. The reasons that trigger the QuickBooks Invalid Product Number error are entering a wrong QuickBooks POS registration code or QuickBooks is not having enough permission to read or write the files that are required for the Point of Sale application.

Wondering, why that happened? Well, it could be due to a corrupted or damaged POS entitlement folder or not providing full admin rights to QuickBooks. To help you overcome the problem, this guide covers all the possible reasons and tips. Try them out and get rid of QuickBooks Point of Sale error 176109.

What made QuickBooks POS Invalid Product Number 176109 error appear?

There can be numerous reasons, we have discussed a few of them in the beginning. Let’s have a look from a wider perspective on the other possible causes that lead to Invalid Product Name or Invalid Product Codes.

  1. First and foremost, the corrupted or damaged QuickBooks POS entitlement folder is the most obvious reason behind QuickBooks error code 176109 – invalid product name.
  2. Another reason is QuickBooks is not running with full administrative rights, hence, it faces an error while registering the Point of Sale or POS.
  3. Sometimes, when a user enters a wrong product code while installing the QuickBooks Point of Sale application, then also the error 176109 may appear.

Ready to Fix QuickBooks Point of Sale error 176109? Do these things first

Before gearing up to fix QuickBooks error 176109 – invalid product number error, you will need to take a few measures. These steps will help you prevent losing the company files and they will quickly up the troubleshooting process as well.

  1. Make sure to update the QuickBooks POS application to the latest version. It is available on Intuit’s website, navigate to the webpage, and install it on your system.
  2. Most importantly, create a backup of your QuickBooks company files before beginning the troubleshooting process. It will help you avoid losing essential financial data.
  3. Ensure that the Point of Sale entitlement folder is not hidden and for that go to the Windows settings and click Show Hidden files. Sometimes, deleting this folder also resolves error 17610.
  4. Ensure the internet connectivity is stable and high speed.

Here is how to eliminate QuickBooks POS error 176109: Invalid product code

Below are the most effective solutions that we take to eliminate QuickBooks POS invalid product number error 176109. Make sure to follow them in their given order to fix the error faster.

Method 1: Remove the content from the POS entitlement folder

POS entitlement file contains the license information of the Point-of-Sale application. You can re-register the product and license data in QuickBooks after removing the content from the POS entitlement folder. Here are the steps.

  1. Open the C drive on your system.
  2. Now follow this path, Program Data > Intuit > Entitlement > Client > V8.
  3. Once the V8 folder opens, select all the files within the folder, alternatively, press CTRL + A, to select all the files.
  4. Click Delete and click Yes to confirm the selection.
  5. Once done, you may open the QuickBooks Point of Sale and try registering the POS application again.
  6. Still, an error QuickBooks POS Invalid Product Number appears? Head over to the next solution

Method 2: Rename the WS Activity file

  1. You can follow this path to open the folder that stores the WS activity file. Navigate to C:\Program Data\Intuit\QuickBooks Point of Sale (version number)\Ini.
  2. Locate the WS activity file, right-click over it and click rename.
  3. Rename the file to or
  4. Now you can close the point of sale and then open it in all workstations and the problem should resolve. If it doesn’t, then perform the clean install of the QuickBooks Point of Sale application.

Method 3: Uninstall and clean reinstall the QuickBooks Point of Sale

Uninstall the QuickBooks POS application

  1. Navigate to the Control Panel
  2. Click programs and features.
  3. Locate the QuickBooks Point of Sale application in the list and click uninstall.
  4. Keep following the instructions to uninstall QuickBooks POS.
  5. After uninstalling QuickBooks POS, you can rename the POS folder and add OLD at the end of their name.

Clean reinstall QuickBooks Point of Sale

  1. Download the QuickBooks POS.
  2. Once the downloading finishes, Open the QuickBooks POS installer and click Yes to all if you see a prompt that says overriding the existing extracted files.
  3. Click Next, click the box that says Accept the terms in the license agreement and click Next.
  4. Enter the license and product number and click Next.
  5. Now you may choose the type of installation depending on the usage i.e, single user, or multiple users.
  6. Once done, click Install to begin the installation of the QuickBooks POS application.

Finally, you can restore the Company file to start working on QuickBooks POS. However, if you didn’t back up the company file, then you may restore the QBPOS.DB file that is located in the data folder on your desktop.

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Couldn’t resolve the QuickBooks POS error 176109? Here we are ready to assist you

Tried all the steps, but failed to resolve QuickBooks POS invalid product number error 176109! No worries, certified QuickBooks experts are here to help you overcome the challenge, either through remote access or at the convenience of your workplace. You can immediately contact us at the QuickBooks support number, tell us the issue you are facing with QuickBooks, and get an immediate resolution. Contact us today!