Methods of Activate QuickBooks Desktop in Windows & Mac OS

Activate QuickBooks Desktop

After so many turmoils in 2020, the year 2021 brings some hope with new financial goals. With that, it’s time to install, register, and activate QuickBooks desktop to eliminate the financial management crisis and kick start the New Year by having the right foot forward. As the topmost bookkeeping and accounting software, QuickBooks is developed for small or medium business owners (SMBs). Once activated, the QuickBooks desktop can help you manage your finances and works as your assistant to achieve the preset organizational goals.

You can simply perform QuickBooks desktop activation in Windows or Mac. All it takes is entering the correct license key or QuickBooks activation code at the right place followed by on-screen instructions. If you have more than one or multiple copies of QuickBooks desktop, then you should activate or register all the copies manually. Once QuickBooks installation activates, it’s all set to go to manage your business’s financials and get you on top of your goals.

Quick Tip – Use Internet Explorer 11 TLS 1.2 enabled for Windows or Mac operating system. These are the minimum system requirements for QuickBooks users to access Intuit services.

Now let’s get started and learn the steps to activate your QuickBooks desktop.

How to activate QuickBooks desktop (2016 or later versions)

Step 1: Confirm if QuickBooks is activated or not!

  1. Press F2 or CTRL + 1 key to verify whether your QuickBooks is activated or not.
  2. If QuickBooks is already activated then you can begin to work on it and start managing your finances.
  3. However, if it’s not activated then use the instructions given in step 2 to activate the QuickBooks desktop.
  4. If an error appears that “QuickBooks validation code is wrong”, then you will need to confirm that you are entering the correct license key and product number. If you found that incorrect, then put in the right validation code to move further with QuickBooks activation.

Step 2: Steps to activate QuickBooks desktop on Windows or Mac

We are assuming that you have already downloaded and installed the QuickBooks desktop. That’s the first step before activating the QuickBooks desktop. The QuickBooks desktop icon will appear on your screen once it installs in your system. Henceforth, you can simply follow the below instructions to proceed with the activation process. Choose the set of instructions depending on whether you have Windows or Mac OS.

Activate QuickBooks in windows and mac OS infographics

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QuickBooks desktop activation on Windows

  1. Firstly, launch QuickBooks on your Windows computer.
  2. Now press the F2 key on your keyboard to open the Product Information.
  3. Once the Product Information window opens, you can check the registration status of QuickBooks.
  4. If it says Activated then you can use QuickBooks right away.
  5. If it says QuickBooks is not activated then here are the instructions to activate it.
  • Close the product information window by clicking the Ok
  • On QuickBooks, go to the Help section and choose to activate QuickBooks from the drop-down list.
  • If you are running QuickBooks version 2016, then click register QuickBooks.
  • Now keep following the on-screen instructions to complete the activation process.

QuickBooks desktop activation on Mac OS

  1. Open QuickBooks Desktop and click the menu.
  2. Now click the register QuickBooks 
  3. You need to type the product number and license number in the desired field box and click next.
  4. Now click on the register online
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the QuickBooks desktop activation process.

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Using the previous version of QuickBooks? Here is what you need to do for activation

Activating older QuickBooks products can become a big deal if you have not taken the right services. QuickBooks doesn’t allow the activation of discontinued products for the first time. It requires you to reactivate and re-register the product. You will have to contact QuickBooks desktop support for further assistance and get the right QuickBooks activation code for discontinued products.

Common QuickBooks desktop activation issues and their fixes

  1. Ensure that you are entering the right information in QuickBooks desktop including QuickBooks activation code or license key or product number.
  2. If a blank screen appears then you may temporarily disable the antivirus or firewall program.
  3. Make sure the system date and time settings are correct to avoid QuickBooks desktop activation issues.
  4. Sometimes, the errors with QuickBooks background processes may prevent you from activating the QuickBooks desktop software. In that case, you can close the QuickBooks background processes.

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Facing issues in activating QuickBooks desktop? Get help

Well, that ends our go-to guide to help you activate QuickBooks desktop in the simplest way. Mac or Windows owners can get help by using these activation instructions. However, if you still feel that something is not going your way, then you may immediately contact our QuickBooks Technical Help and support team. Our experts are certified QuickBooks pro advisors who are always ready to assist you in hard times. Call us today and get the best on-call assistance on QuickBooks activation.