Java Script is an eminent programming language that is used as a tie of collaboration between the different web browsers. It describes its online approach of performance dais and it becomes very hard to comprehend that the errors may befall due to any pause in the communication via the internet. QuickBooks Script Error can be perceived when you catch the cursor continued in one place over the button. Also, the error encountered due to the perished online session or timed out because of the slow internet haste or the window freezes once you click on the log-in button.

Fix QuickBooks Script Error

Causes and Results of JavaScript Error

The crucial reason why QuickBooks encounter the JavaScript error is because of your incapacitated internet browser. QuickBooks is augmented to work preeminent with the Internet Explorer, and modern QuickBooks Desktop application entails Internet Explorer 11 or advanced for the best performance. You might encounter the JavaScript error if your browser is outmoded or mis configured. Few other reasons include the following.

  1. Ingres sing a transaction from an account that is not yet created.
  2. Ingres sing invoice or bills from a changed or wrong account.
  3. Intuit website is not added as a reliable website in the Internet settings.

Symptoms of QuickBooks JavaScript Error

Slow internet speed is not the only indication that you have encountered the JavaScript error in QuickBooks. At times, when QuickBooks doesn’t display any error notification, you can still know if you are running through any script error in QuickBooks or not. The error message shows “An error has ensued in the script on this page. You will also get a choice to cancel or run the script “Do you need to continue running scripts on this page Yes/No”.Given are the clues of JavaScript error in QuickBooks.

  1. Script error while ingressing bank feeds from the banking website in QuickBooks.
  2. Errors while logging into your QuickBooks Online account accessing Internet Explorer or any other web browser.
  3. Lethargic performance of your computer.
  4. Process Time Out error message during opening the QuickBooks online.
  5. Windows block when you try to log in.

Paces to fix QuickBooks Script Error

  1. Shut down any open window of QuickBooks application.
  2. Go to the Internet Explorer and hit the Gear icon placed at the top right corner of the Internet Explorer.
  3. Go to the “Tools” option and click on the Internet Options.
  4. Under the Advanced tab, unmark “Display a Notification About Every Script Error” checkbox.
  5. Tap OK and then, restart QuickBooks.
  6. If the error continues, open the Internet Explorer again and hit the same Gear icon at the top of the Internet Explorer.
  7. Choose the“Tools” option and then hit the Internet Options.
  8. Click the Trusted Sites under the Security tab.
  9. Tap the Sites button and in the Trusted Sites fragment, uncheck the Required server verification (https:) for all the sites in this zone checkbox.
  10. In the Add this Website to the Zone section,write * and leave the Trusted Sites window.
  11. Keep in mind to unmark the Enable Protect Mode option and leave the Internet Explorer.

So this is the easiest method to overcome QuickBooks Java Script Error. Perform the above steps accordingly. In case you want technician help, contact QuickBooks customer support. Intuit certified technicians will help you out and resolve your issue in the best way possible.