QuickBooks File Doctor is Not Working (What to do?)

QuickBooks file doctor not working

“QuickBooks File Doctor is Not Working” get all the information related to this problem here.

With technological advancements, the needs of the business have increased dramatically. This development has resulted in several changes in the accounting process. As a result, accounting software is critical for a company to achieve accurate and timely results. QuickBooks is a widely used and popular program that includes various functions like payroll, accounting, restoration, and many more. It is utilized by small and medium-sized enterprises.

However, QuickBooks might become caught in unpleasant problems from time to time, preventing users from working on it efficiently. In certain situations, Intuit’s File Doctor program can help QuickBook. However, issues with this program, such as the QuickBooks File Doctor is Not Working message, do arise from time to time. Let’s have a look at why this problem arises and how to fix it.

Before we dive deep into the ins and outs of solving this error we should try to understand what is QuickBooks file doctor.

What is QuickBooks file doctor?

Doctor, as the name implies, repairs specific damages or corruptions in any of your QuickBooks files, much like experts. It can also assist in the restoration of any Windows damage. Consider how you’d feel if you were attempting to repair something and the tool itself was not responding.

When your system’s files won’t react for different reasons, QuickBooks File Doctor is a vital part of the debugging process. The QuickBooks File Doctor looks after QuickBooks files that have stopped responding, diagnosing the issue and suggesting a possible remedy. It’s a file that works flawlessly, making it simple for most businesses and employers to resolve difficulties that arise.

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Potential Reasons behind “QuickBooks File Doctor is Not Working” Problem

The QuickBooks File Doctor tool is designed to help you fix errors in QuickBooks. When the QuickBooks file doctor is trying to resolve an issue in QuickBooks, it might crash and fail. Apart from crashing, the QuickBooks file doctor tool hangs or displays an exception. In most cases, consumers will get an error message on their screen stating that QuickBooks File Doctor won’t Open. In this case, a few easy methods may be used to fix the issue in Doctor File Tool. But first, let’s figure out what’s causing the problem.

Here are a few reasons why your QuickBooks File Doctor is Not Working:

  • Perhaps you are always attempting to operate integrated or corrupted files.
  • You will be stranded because of this issue if you have reverted the clean Company File version that was used via the network.
  • I attempted to restore files asymmetrically.
  • Check to see if your QuickBooks File is infected or impacted.
  • Ensure that all files are kept in your system; otherwise, missing data will cause interference during the installation process. Avoid storing partially updated files.
  • Verify that the file hasn’t been misplaced. If so, position it first before moving on to the next step.

The error that QuickBooks file doctor might Cough-up

When you try to utilize QFD Tool to fix a data or network damage issue, you could get one of the following QuickBooks File Doctor errors:

  1. QuickBooks File Doctor is Not Working.
  2. QuickBooks File Doctor becomes unresponsive.
  3. The QuickBooks File Doctor is a blank spreadsheet.
  4. QuickBooks File Doctor has stopped working.
  5. The QuickBooks File Doctor program is now in use.
  6. Update problem 15270 in QuickBooks File Doctor

Few Pointers about QuickBooks file doctor

The following are some considerations to keep in mind before using the tool:-

  1. To use the tool, you’ll need the tool’s credentials.
  2. You must keep the file size under 1.5 GB, so make sure you don’t go over.
  3. The utility is only available to Windows users; it is not available to Mac users.
  4. The internet connection has to be up and functioning.
  5. Before using the QuickBooks file Doctor Tool, make sure your QuickBooks software is up to date.
  6. Verify that your PC is running a single version of QuickBooks Desktop software.

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How to Rectify the QuickBooks File Doctor is not working issue?

Method 1: Manually start QuickBooks File Doctor

  1. The problem may be as simple as a bug in the launch command receiving end. So, as demonstrated below, try manually launching the application:
  2. Start the program and wait for the ‘No Company Open‘ page to appear.
  3. Repair File and Network Problems‘ may be found under File –> Utilities.
  4. Click OK in the dialogue box that opens. QuickBooks is restarted with administrator privileges by the QuickBooks file doctor.
  5. Click Yes in the dialogue box that opens.
  6. To open the QuickBooks file doctor program, click the wrench symbol and then click Continue.

Method 2: Recovering Corrupted QBW Files from Backup

The damaged files may be causing your QuickBooks file doctor to crash. As a result, the program displays an error message on the screen. You can try to restore the backup of damaged or corrupted files in this case.

  1. To begin, make a backup of all the data that have been damaged. These backups will aid in the replacement of damaged files.
  2. To do so, open the QuickBooks program and pick the File option under the Open or Restore Company option.
  3. Quickbooks File Doctor crashes when you choose a file choice.
  4. You may now select ‘Click Open or Restore a Backup Copy‘ and proceed to execute the file backup by selecting the Next button.
  5. After that, select Local Backup and click the Next button.
  6. Quickbooks File Doctor has ceased functioning, therefore you’ll need to make a local backup.
  7. You’ll notice a drop-down menu at this point; click it to browse choices and choose the backup file location.
  8. Now you may choose a file with the QBB extension, then click Open and Next.
  9. Quickbooks File Doctor is no longer available.
  10. In the drop-down menu, you’ll find the Save option. You can choose where you want the files to be restored.
  11. After that, you must fill in the name field with the name of a file. The ‘Save as’ field pop-up displays once you do so, with the entry of the QBW file.

The “ QuickBooks File Doctor is Not Working ” problem should now be resolved. If this method of restoring the corrupted file backup does not work, you may try using Auto Data Recovery.

Method 3: Disable hosting mode and set up antivirus software

QuickBooks File Doctor Hosting Mode Is Off will ensure that File Doctor runs correctly on your system. Then, to enable remote connections from your machine, set the Security Firewall level. If you’re running any antivirus, you can do so by following the instructions below:

  1. Click on ‘Web & Email Protection‘ in the McAfee program.
  2. Go to Firewall now. Select Ports and System Services from the drop-down menu. Then, on the ‘Add‘ button, click.
  3. Then, under Services Name, write eMule. Type the TCP data for your QuickBooks application in Local TCP/IP ports.
  4. Type the TCP data for your QuickBooks application in the Local UDP Port field.
  5. You must choose All PCs under Open ports too.
  6. Finally, press the Save button and restart your computer.

If the issue persists even after properly configuring antivirus software, you may contact the customer executive staff for assistance, and they will be able to give a comprehensive solution to QuickBooks File Doctor is Not Working issue.

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Once the Doctor Not Responding issue is done and dusted QuickBooks file doctor can help you with multiple errors:

QuickBooks H series error QuickBooks 6000 series error
1. QuickBooks Error H503 1. QuickBooks error 6150
2. QuickBooks Error H403 2. QuickBooks error 6000-305
3. QuickBooks Error H303 3. QuickBooks error 6000-82
4. QuickBooks Error H202 4. QuickBooks error 6000-301
5. QuickBooks Error H101 5. QuickBooks error 6130

I hope you’ve found this post about file doctors not working to be informative. While the QuickBooks File Doctor is Not Working or hanging up on you, use the aforementioned tips and methods to keep your QuickBooks data and software security. We all know that prevention is preferable to cure. Above all, the method is extremely simple to comprehend! If you still fail to manage then, connect to the technical QuickBooks professionals through a QuickBooks support phone number.

They work all day and night to help you as per your queries and doubts so feel free to get in touch with the adepts to find the best possible solution anytime.


Q1. Which errors can be fixed with QuickBooks File Doctor?

QuickBooks File Doctor is a troubleshooting utility offered by Intuit. This software assists in resolving a wide range of errors. These include connection errors, network problems, data corruption, and update errors, among others. It also scans the QuickBooks company file, detects the error, and fixes it quickly. Here is a list of various errors you can fix with this tool.

  • Error code -6150
  • QB H202 error
  • QB error 6123
  • QB error code 6073
  • Different kinds of H series errors
  • Blank or missing vendor, employee, or customer lists
  • Damaged Windows Registry and company files
  • Errors in QuickBooks update
  • 6000 series errors

Q2. What are the benefits of using QuickBooks File Doctor?

There are various benefits to using this tool. Here’s how it helps you.

  • You can easily fix a variety of -6000 series errors in QB.
  • The tool is incredibly efficient in resolving complex errors, such as H-series errors.
  • If the client is unable to get some important database, the tool helps them.
  • If you want to get the company file in a particular network system saved in another, this utility will assist you.
  • The QB File Doctor is a great tool for fixing data damage or corruption issues.
  • The in-built QB File Doctor is perfectly compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10.

Q3. How do I repair QuickBooks Files?

You can fix a damaged QuickBooks file using the QuickBooks Tool Hub. Download and install it first and then follow these points.

  1. After you install the tool hub utility, you must activate Quick Fix My File.
  2. To do so, choose ‘Company File Issues.’
  3. Next, pick ‘Fix My File Quickly.’
  4. Then tap ‘OK’ to begin QuickBooks.
  5. Now, run the option of QuickBooks File Doctor by choosing ‘Company File Issues’ in the tool hub.
  6. Select your company file in the file doctor utility.
  7. Opt to check your file and then tap ‘Continue.’
  8. Enter your admin password.
  9. The file doctor tool will repair your company file.

Q4. What is the QuickBooks SDS file used for?

The .sds file occurs in the place where your company file is. The .sds file is written in the form, ‘YourCompanyFileName.sds.’ The file related to the company file in the directory functions as a pointer to the companion of .sdu files. The .sdu files, irrespective of the initial Windows directory of .sds files, are saved in a single location by default. The.sdu and .sds files are there in all QuickBooks Desktop versions that came after 2017. They are used in place of .lgb files. These files kept access rights and login information for Apps. These files are easy to find and have an extra encryption layer.

Q5. Which types of errors can be fixed via the QBFD tool?

The QBFD software helps users resolve different issues while operating with QuickBooks. It is a blend of company file diagnostics and network connectivity tools. You can eliminate a range of error messages in QuickBooks with this effective utility. As a result, it saves the time that you may otherwise spend troubleshooting the different errors. Here’s a quick list of the errors it can solve.

  • Error messages -6150 and -1006 in QuickBooks.
  • QB error 6000 82
  • QB error -6000, -305
  • Error code 6147
  • Error code 6130
  • H series errors in QuickBooks such as H101, H202, H303, and H505.