Resolve QuickBooks Error -6190 -816 With Technicians Guide

quickbooks error -6190 -816

QuickBooks is a highly efficient accounting software serving many small to mid-sized business owners. Through this software, they can easily manage and track their work and fulfil all their business goals. But the software sometimes causes its users to experience various errors. These errors can hinder their workflow. One of these errors is the QuickBooks error 6190. It’s a technical error you should fix as soon as it arises to avoid further complicating issues. In this article, you’ll find the various ways to troubleshoot this error message on your software.


What Is the QuickBooks Error 6190 & 816?

The QuickBooks error 6190 and 816 is a technical glitch that you should fix right at the beginning. It will prevent you from facing any issues later on. You will find this error code popping up with a message that says, ‘QuickBooks was unable to open the company file on the hosted computer.’ It means that the user cannot get access to their QB company file. However, don’t think that you cannot resolve this error. The error code can be fixed by following specific techniques. These techniques are given in the further sections for you to read and implement.


When Error 6190 and 816 come, the below image appears on the Desktop screen.

Error -6190 -816 Pop up window


What Are the Symptoms and Signs of QuickBooks Error 6190 & 816

You can detect this error code in your QuickBooks software by noticing its various symptoms. Some of the prominent signs to observe are as follows:

  • The error 6190 816 will appear on your screen, and it will make the active program window crash.
  • Your system will crash with this error message. 
  • The Windows will run quite sluggishly and respond very gradually to all the commands and inputs of the user.
  • You’ll find your PC freezing periodically.

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Causes of QuickBooks Error 6190 & 816

There are many reasons why QuickBooks will show you this error code. The most prevalent ones are here:

  • The error may occur when the TLG file (Transaction log file) doesn’t align with the company file. A record of every transaction that is performed by the company is kept by the TLG file. It gets automatically saved by the QB software.
  • The TLG file is stored as (the company file’s name) .qbw .tlg file. This file cannot be accessed for it’s the conversion into Company Data File (qbw). Thus, the QuickBooks accounting software shows you error -6190, -816 when the ‘QBW’ file is not according to it’s linked ‘TLG’ file. 
  • The error code can also result from update failure if a person updates a company file on a separate system without an update to the transaction log file. 
  • If the user accesses the company file in ‘Single User Mode,’ they may face this error.

Switch to Single User Mode in QuickBooks - Screenshot

  • Another reason behind it is data corruption in the QB data file.


Ways to Fix the QuickBooks Error 6190 & 816

Whenever you are faced with this error message, there are several techniques to try. Follow them one by one as they are given below.

Ways to Fix QuickBooks Error -6190 - Infographic

1. Use the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

Using the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool is the easiest way to fix QuickBooks error -6190 -816. But before that, check that your QuickBooks software is of the latest version. If not, update it and then use the File Doctor Tool.

  • Download and install the QB File Doctor Tool from Intuit’s official website.
  • Ensure that you are signed in as it’s administrator. After that, run the File Doctor Tool.

Run the File Doctor Tool option in QuickBooks Tool Hub - Screenshot

  • You will find two options coming on the screen of your system. 
    1. File Damage and Connectivity
    2. Network Connectivity only
  • Select the first option for the tool to identify the damaged file and fix error -6190.

Check the damage files only option in QuickBooks File Doctor Screen

  • Now fill in your admin password when you are prompted for it.

QuickBooks Desktop Login Screen

  • Now you’ll be asked if your company file is kept on the server or workstation.
  • If it is on the server, tap ‘Yes.’ Otherwise, tap ‘No.’
  • Choose ‘Proceed.’

You will see the results of the error on your system. The damaged or corrupt file will automatically get detected or repaired.

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2. Resolve the mismatch

Use the same system in which you have saved the company file. Now, you need to rename TLG and .ND files for repairing the damaged data files. You can do so by going through all these steps.

  • Search for and launch the company folder. 
  • Look for the company file. The company file and the TLG file will have the same name but different extensions. It will look like this.
    1. company_file.qbw.tlg
    2. company_file.qbw.nd 
  • You need to rename your company file. You can modify the name completely or simply insert ‘old’ at the file name’s end. 
  • Ensure that you don’t change or delete the extension (qbw.nd) that’s at the company file’s end. 
  • Now, rename the transaction log by adhering to the same instructions given in the previous point.
  • Tap ‘Exit.’
  • Launch QuickBooks and see if you can sign into the company file.

3. Check for Single Mode User

Use this solution to resolve the QuickBooks error code 6190 if you find none of the techniques working. Follow these points for Single Mode User Check.

  • Restart your computer.
  • Copy all data files to your desktop or any area apart from its source. 
  • Further, copy the data file to its initial or original location one more time. 
  • Using your credentials, log in to QuickBooks.

When you are implementing this resolution, check that there is no user signed in to the QuickBooks data file.

4. Update your Windows Operating System

Updating Windows OS - Screenshot

You should always ensure that you have an updated Windows system. It’s because keeping your Windows regularly updated prevents the chances of the system encountering errors. Moreover, updates also resolve the install errors. After you update the Windows, restart your system. Now, install the QB Desktop again. It’s highly likely that you’ll not encounter the error.


Final Words

After following the various methods in this post, you’ll find no difficulty resolving the QuickBooks error 6190. Identify the error through its symptoms and then follow the instructions as mentioned. If you cannot seem to resolve the error by yourself, you can always avail the Quickbooks technical support of QB experts. Contact them anytime to fix any kind of technical glitch or error in the software.