How to Eliminate QuickBooks Error Code 5502?

QuickBooks Error Code 5502 can happen any time when there is a problem in system synchronization or any connection interruption arises. The error message can pop – up in multiple numbers of ways such as ‘Sync is not completed properly’ or ‘QuickBooks data has been uploaded but is failed to connect with the server’. The reasons behind such errors can be in multi-folds. It can be the augmentation of the company’s data file seizing through online services or when a third party’s application gets connected to your QuickBooks Software Server.


Don’t Worry…!!! This is just an error and can be resolved easily with the help of basic system configuration changes and by doing some setting change in the QuickBooks Software. But, before going further, the user must need to understand the reasons behind QuickBooks Error Code 5502. You can contact QuickBooks Service Number to get help from experts.

Causes for QuickBooks Error Code 5502

  1. Through the gasping in Online Services– The QuickBooks Error Code 5502 can cause due to matter that is gasping through online services. The user will get to know the information through the .QB Company file that was uploaded in the system with a success.
  2. Change in the company file augmentation– A QuickBooks Company file augmentation has been changed. Here, in this case, the QuickBooks needs to peruse the data which the company has recorded.
  3. Use of Online Services for completing the matter in QuickBooks.
  4. Replacement or Changes made within the company’s document development.
  5. Damaged QuickBooks Company Document.
  6. The augmentation of the QuickBooks Software server with the third party software server.
  7. Creation of wrong entries such as wrong expansion record in the QuickBooks Software system file.
  8. The information that your QuickBooks Software file uploaded in the system is a success, but, it is not.
  9. QuickBooks Software is not connected with the server.

Solution for QuickBooks Error Code 5502

Here, we have given below the guide to solve the QuickBooks Error Code 5502. Do follow any of them in order to solve your problem.

Solution 1: Rename the QuickBooks.ND File.

The user must have stored the company’s file in the PC / Desktop / Laptop in the designated folder. Kindly Open the Folder Name.

  1. In the Opened Folder where all the QuickBooks Data is available and stored, give a look to find the file named “.ND File”(For Example – “MyCompanyFileName.qbw”). This is the file you need to rename.
  2. To rename the .ndfile, kindly Right Click it and then come to the Rename Option and then click it.
  3. In Order to rename the file, you need to type the “.OLD” Extensionat the end of the file.
  4. Now you need to Re-Scan your file. In order to do so, you will rescan your file with the help of QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
  5. If the user is opening the company file over the company network, then the user will now have to follow the below steps. This is applicable to those users only who are opening the company file over the company network. Perform these steps on the company’s server —
  • The user is required to press the Window Keyon his PC / Desktop / Laptop Keyboard.
  • Now the user is needed to click on the “QuickBooks Database Server Manager”
  • Next the user will be required to click on the Add The FolderOption
  • Now the user is required to CHOOSE the File or the Folderwhere the user has stored the company file.
  • The user will now have to click the OK
  • In the next step, the user is required to click on the SCAN
  • Wait till the scan process did not get completed. After the scan process is completed, the user is required to re – open the company file and must test it once.

Solution 2: Create a New Folder and then Copy the company file

  1. Create a New Folderand then copy the company file into it.
  2. Rename the Fileand change its extension as “QBM” and then save the file.
  3. Now the user is required to open his QuickBooks Softwareand then need to Re-Store all of his profitable files.
  4. User will now need to Renamethe File Extension if the file is not opening.
  5. Restoreall the file backups.
  6. The user now require to INSTALLthe latest version release of the “Sync Manager”.

Get Final Solution from Experts for Error Code 5502 in QuickBooks

If both the above-stated solutions did not work, then the user can also get the technical assistance from the QuickBooks Customer Help and Support Team which is available 24 * 7 / 365 Days for customer help and support. Write your grievances to them and they will respond and resolve them immediately. We hope that your QuickBooks Error Code 5502 is now resolved and the software is now ready to use again.