QuickBooks Overflow Error | How to Fix it?

QuickBooks is well-known financial accounting software allows users to manage their accounting tasks in more convenient way. But the time passes day-by-day with frequently using QuickBooks, QuickBooks Overflow Error can suddenly appear and this error issue indicates that the account you are accessing has gone exceeded the maximum limit that is authorized. You can generally encounter the error while opening the Chart of Accounts or while balancing the sheet. During the process you will receive the Overflow error instead of the amount. Overcome this problem is not difficult; you can quickly sort it out once you read out the blog posted here. Let’s discuss about the detail of the overflow error issue like why it occurs and how does it be annihilated in QuickBooks. So, let’s have a brief look over here.


Reasons for QuickBooks Overflow Error

Check-out the list of possible reasons of QuickBooks Overflow Error due to which you came into a problematic situation:

If the company account balance or the amount greater than $9,999,999,999,999.99, then the Overflow Error in QuickBooks Desktop is displayed

  1. When the format that is copied from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet by the users doesn’t match with a QB accepted format, the same problem may arise
  2. QuickBooks Desktop overflow error can display on the screen when you transferred a large quantity on a group item to another larger quantity
  3. A value associated with an inventory item is higher than the number of items
  4. If your company data file has damaged transaction data

Ways to Solve QuickBooks Overflow Error

Go through the below-mentioned instructions appropriately to get the effectual solution to fix this problem in a different possible way. Just, have a glimpse:

Solution 1: The Solution is For, If the Balance or Account Field Is Too Large

  • You should firstly perform the basic data damage troubleshooting steps
  • After doing that, create a portable company file and then restore it to a ‘New Working’
  • The next thing you should do is to verify the “Chart of Account” with the help of below points:
  1. Tap “Chart of Accounts” button
  2. Go to the “List” menu and search for the account who has exceeded the balance $9,999,999,999,999.99
  3. Reduce the ‘Balance of Account’ and also ensure that the balance is not reach to 10,000,000,000,000
  4. If the issue is yet persist, then go to the next step
  • Memorized Reports
  1. If you see an overflow on the memorized report, then you are suggested to go to the Reports menu and then run the report
  2. Again, If the new report doesn’t imitate overflow, then simply delete the Memorized report and recreate it
  3. If the new report includes Overflow, then proceed to the next steps
  • Now, you have to search all the lists for all the fields that hold an amount for example- Credit limit, price & cost
  • ‘Inactive items’ may also be included as you look through the lists

Solution 2: Rebuild Your Data File

If you can’t access the data file, then rebuild it to exterminate the QuickBooks Overflow Error. Do it by following steps:

  1. First, navigate to “File” menu and then tap “Utilities”
  2. Now, select “Rebuild Data”
  3. In case, for any reason you receive a warning message to back up the Company file, then tap “OK”. ‘QuickBooks not responding’ message could be displaying
  4. Wait a while for getting the message “Rebuild is complete”. Once it appears, click “OK”

Solution 3: Fix the Damaged Transactions

Damaged transactions may lead to QuickBooks Desktop Overflow Error. So, you have to find them and instantly fix them:

  1. First, run the various reports including Financial Statements, Sales by a customer, The Customer Transaction Detail, sales by item type, and etc. until Overflow is seen
  2. Now, you need to QuickZoom on the overflow until you get to the ‘transaction’
  3. Afterwards, finally fix these transactions

Solution 4: Go Through the Provided Steps If Only One Item Is Overflowing

  1. If the new item is overflowing, then first you require to do is to delete that item and then recreate it
  2. But it is not the new item, then audit the item first and correct transaction which is making an overflow
  3. In case, you cannot find the transaction, enter the ‘adjust quantity/value on hand document to adjust the average cost

Solution 5: Detect the Overflow by Exporting the File to Excel

  1. First, export your lists to the desktop
  2. Next, minimize QuickBooks Desktop window
  3. Now, give a right-click on the ‘export’ file
  4. Choose “Open With” option and then tap “MS Excel”
  5. Look for transactions having overflow value
  6. Press and hold “Ctrl + F” keys on your keyboard
  7. Type the word overflow and tap “Find Next” button
  8. After that, correct data for the field in Account, Name or Item that consists of overflow
  9. Continuously do the same process until there are no more results and switch back to excel

Solution 6: If There is a Group Item Overflowing

  1. First of all, set the group item quantity to zero
  2. Now, tab out of the field
  3. And then re-enter the correct ‘group item’

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