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QuickBooks Desktop

Current version of QuickBooks provides improved features and bug changes over the former versions. If you have updated your software, you will need to upgrade your old company files as well. QuickBooks Desktop  includes a feature that will do this for you. Upgrading your company file for use in the current version of QuickBooks is an effortless procedure, but for that you must be the admin user of QuickBooks to execute the update.

Intuit uses 2 words to describe QuickBooks i.e version and release.  Version denotes the product and year (e. g., Pro 2009), whereas release refers to progressive updates to a version.  Versions basically include significant feature improvements and therefore must be purchased.  Altering your version is a process that is known as an upgrade.  On the other hand, releases normally include slight changes and bug changes, which sometimes require moderation to the QuickBooks file structure.  There are multiple releases introduced time to time, sometimes even after the current version has already been introduced.  Releases are normally free to users of a current QuickBooks Desktop version and are installed in a method referred to as an update.

Here are the procedures to update to the latest released version of QuickBooks. Go through these steps sincerely. If you find any difficulty regarding QuickBooks, you may consult the experts to sort out your issues.

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Methods to update QuickBooks

There are different methods to download the update from internet and every method need a strong speed internet connection. All the methods are given below:

Automatic Update Method (default setting)

On-Demand (Immediate) Update Method

Release Download

Once downloading of updates is completed, QuickBooks automatically install all the important files to the proper location on your computer. After installing all the updates, QuickBooks automatically induced a notification to install the update, the next time whenever you will resume your QuickBooks. In some cases, you have to close your QuickBooks Desktop and then restart it again before the update will take the result. Keep in mind, you must install the update on your each computer, if you use QuickBooks Pro or Premier in multi-user mode.

Automatic update method

In this process, QuickBooks Automatically checks the Intuit server for a new update. And it will download the updates when you are not accessing internet. There is a default setting on QuickBooks, to check whether the software is running properly or not on your system, it will automatically download updates from the Intuit server. You can easily disable the automatic update option when you don’t want to update your software, or else, it persists to download updates automatically.

How to enable or disable the Automatic Update option

In the Help menu, go for“Update QuickBooks”.

Now, dab on the options tab in the “Update QuickBooks window”.

Choose the option you want to select. Click on “Yes” to enable or “No” to deactivate the Automatic Update option.

Select the update you want to receive and eliminate the updates from the update section that you don’t want to update if you want to allow the Automatic Update option.

But if you disabled the option then you will not receive any messages even if there is any recent updates are available on the Intuit server. But normally, you will receive a notification asking if you would like to use the Updated Service. Note that this is only a reminder message to notify you to check for updates, it simply does not mean that an update is available.

Now Click on Save and then click on close.

If the above method is not working for you and you still facing the issue with the automatic update, then, apply the next process which is given below.

Immediate update method

The finest part of this method is that you can download the update from the Intuit server immediately on your computer. Apart from the fact that your QuickBooks is running in your system or not. You can apply this option any time and urgently download the updates even if Automatic Update is enabled in your software. Keep in mind that it is important to check for updates once in a month.

How to check for and install updates to QuickBooks:

Click on Update QuickBooks, from the Help menu.

Next, click on the “Update Now” tab.

Now, select the updates you require to download and hit on Get Updates. You can also go through what is included in the update from the Updates column. Dab on the Maintenance Releases link. Now you can go through a page to see what is displayed that has listed the changes/improvements in the update.

Now shut your QuickBooks. The next time when you will restart your QuickBooks it will ask you to install the update now or later. It will depend on the version you have. When you see the message, click on Install Now or Yes to install the update. After completing the process, restart your computer.

Release download

If you are facing the issue with update feature or if you do not need to install updates using the updated feature, you can download and install available updates. It is strongly required that you must use the update feature to install QuickBooks Desktop Updates. Additionally, confirm to update all the copies if you are using multiple copies of the software.  If you will not do this, you may have face some trouble to open your company file or maybe completely you will be unable to open your company file.

Download Updates for Multi-User Mode in QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Premier

To use QuickBooks Pro or Premier for multi-user mode, you have to install the update on each and every computer you are using. You have to connect all your systems to the Internet and download the updates and install or you can download the updates in one computer on your network and share it to one another.

To share the updates users need must complete the given process

Go to the shared company file and open it.

From the Help menu, dab on Update QuickBooks.

Next, open the “Options” tab and click on it.

Set the Share Download option to “Yes”.

Hit on the Save button.

After enabling all these given steps, downloaded updates will be applied to all computers.

How to upgrade new QuickBooks Desktop

Click on the new version of your QuickBooks Desktop.

Open the file menu, then choose open or restore the company.

Hit on Company file then click on Next.

Highlight your data file then click on Open.

 If you Move, then Company File window appears, then follow the instructions given below.

Go through the data in the Update Company file for New version. Go to the box to signify you understand, and then click on Update Now.

The instructions on how to make a backup of the files.

Once you updated your company file, so to open the current version of QuickBooks, Select Yes when the given message pops up“ Do you want to continue?”

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How to Download QuickBooks Desktop 2022 Version?

There are two ways to download the latest QuickBooks Desktop version. These are

Way 1: Through QuickBooks Desktop Installation Disk

Intuit provides an Installation Disk to install the QuickBooks Desktop. Before initiating the steps, ensure you have the License and Product key. Now follow the steps:

  1. Firstly, insert the disk into the system’s CD ROM.
  2. Now, the QuickBooks Installer will automatically pop up on the screen.
  3. Follow the on-screen steps to install the files.

But if you want a QuickBooks Desktop 2022 download file, you can get it from the installation disk. To do this, follow the steps:

  1. When you insert the disk, firstly, close the installer window.
  2. Then, double-click on This PC, right-click on the QuickBooks CD drive, and select Open.
  3. After accessing the disk, select all files and copy them by pressing the Ctrl+C keys.
  4. Now, create a new folder on the Desktop (or anywhere on the system).
  5. Lastly, paste the copied files by pressing the Ctrl+V keys. Hence you the QuickBooks Desktop download file.

You can share this file with anybody to install the QuickBooks.

Way 2: Through Intuit’s Official Website

Note: To download the QuickBooks Desktop version, you should have the ProAdvisor Sign-in details.

  1. Go to the Intuit Official Website.
  2. Then, Sign in to your account portal. The sign-in details should be the same as ProAdvisor credentials.
  3. Now, from the Manage your QuickBooks tab, choose QuickBooks Desktop.
  4. After that, browse for the version you want. Click on Download.
  5. Later, click on Details to get the License and product numbers. You can also see the License number of ProAdvisor while downloading the QuickBooks desktop accountant version.

What is the QuickBooks Desktop 2022 Pricing?

If we talk about the pricing of the QuickBooks 2022 version, it has three different versions, as we described in the pricing table:

QuickBooks Desktop Versions Suitable For Price
QuickBooks Pro Small businesses with 1-3 users $350/year
QuickBooks Premier Small to medium businesses with 1-5 users $550/year
QuickBooks Enterprise Large businesses with 1-40 users $1,275+/year

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Contact us for detailed information

In case you are still facing any sort of problem, then you will have to take help via QuickBooks customer service. The team of qualified experts will let you know the detailed information about solving the QuickBooks Desktop problem. Once you go through them, your problem will surely be sorted out from the beginning.